Bethenny Ever After – Glimpses of Goodness

Monday is a rough night of blogging.  Between Bachelor Ben in desperate need of some shampoo, and Bethenny losing her hair, Monday nights are painful.  Not painful enough that I am not going to blog about it, but rough enough that I have got wine standing by just incase.

We start this week with Bethenny having lunch with Hoda, who Bethenny tells us she has a lot in common with since they are in the same business. Really? Since when is Bethenny the host of a national morning show, or a newscaster?  Did I miss something?

We are five minutes in and Bethenny is talking about her vagina to a complete stranger.  It’s a shame because Hoda is likeable, but watching her in the gutter with Bethenny is not cute. They ruin a great conversation about finding love later in life, by being obnoxious for no reason.

The best thing about this show is the shots of New York City.  It really is a beautiful place and a fun city to raise a child for sure.  Terry is visiting from Florida and they are talking about sex. Again.  The camera adds 10 pounds but Bethenny still looks very thin, plus her hair is clearly falling out.

Jason gets home from work and they eat dinner while Bethenny’s staff is at work in another room.  He lets her know the girls must leave by 6, as the office must close.  He also tells us he went to Barcelona on vacation with the guys, and Bethenny lets him know he’s gay.

Does Bethenny think if we see her eating in every scene we’ll think her sickly frame is a figment of our imagination?  Additionally, how is it Bethenny went to Spain a couple of times if she had no money?  Hello Daddy.  That does not match up with any of the stories she’s been sharing.

Bethenny is planning a weekend away with the girls and she is going on and on about how she has never done this and she needs it.  She’s been married a year so why the need to tell us its never happened before?  A need for a girls weekend when you’ve been married a year is a little odd.

She meets her food blogger Nick for a falafel crawl and it’s just sad.  She is eating again, and is talking to him about sex, his genitals, and his need to get lucky.  Sidebar: Who drives around NYC in a convertible bug and why is the Skinnygirl logo not on the car anymore?  So unlike Bethenny.

Nick burps at the table and Bethenny sarcastically lets us know it was sexy, and I can’t help but wonder if burping at the table is as sexy as peeing in a bucket on your wedding day, or telling your husband he is gay?  Where does that fall on the list of things Bethenny thinks are sexy?

Bethenny is getting threaded and let me just say I am amazed.  I got one brow threaded and was crying uncontrollably.  It was so painful I couldn’t do the second eye.  Bethenny is not even flinching as she gets hers done and I am in awe.  Clearly she is not human.

She has Nick threaded and it’s sad.  That this super sweet young man is willing to be humiliated by this woman is weird.  It’s clearly not helping him get lucky, so why bother?  I feel bad for Nick, and sad for Bethenny.  She really has run this ship into the ground.  She is no longer entertaining.

Bethenny is off for the weekend and when they walk out of the building, Bryn waves to the cameras and while super cute, also super sad.  She knows the cameras enough to wave? Cookie is settled into the car with Bryn and it’s really cute.  Bethenny has a really beautiful family.

They are having a clambake at the beach and Bethenny has gathered a bunch of fake friends.  They are asking if Bryn is a good baby which would imply they know nothing about her.  My friends know about my son, yet these women seem to be meeting Bethenny for the first time.

They are her college friends, yet Bethenny does not know how her friends react to drinking? Did they not drink in college?  Perhaps they never met because Bethenny never went to college?  This fake scene is sad.  Bethenny has no friends and after 2 years to pull this crap is just silly.

Bethenny, the chef, does not know what corn is called which is interesting. Bryn speaks and it’s darling.  While Bethenny wants us to think it’s cute she is sitting with the kids while her friends are on the other side of the table, the truth is she would rather sit with kids over strangers.

Her girls weekend has her “friends” leaving after one night, and she is with two girlfriends, out for a drink, once again talking about vaginas.  Bethenny is talking to some little guy and it was old Bethenny. She was cute and charming and I actually liked her for a second.

The Benjamin Franklin/Bethenny Frankel scene was cute.  Bethenny was great and it was a glimpse of the girl we used to love.  The little man confuses her with Dannielle Staub, the bubble bursts, and we once again see bad Bethenny.  Fun while it lasted.

Bethenny has been talking for years about how she has no family, yet now she says she had a family with her step-father and she loved him.  Really? Bethenny needs to go back and watch her time on RHONYC and the first two seasons of her show because she is forgetting her lies.

She cries and tells us she wants her baby to be loving and not like her.  It’s really sweet and touching.  By sweet and touching of course I mean if it were not being said in the middle of a massive lie, it would have been lovely. Bethenny is trying to undo her stories but we’re too smart.

Back in the city, Bethenny is at a fake therapy appointment and talking about John her stepfather again, yet the doctor wants to talk about her love for her biological dad Bobby Frankel.  I’m not buying the therapy session, and think it is unethical to film it, even when the doctor is an actor.

Bethenny says she did not care about getting to know Bobby, she just wanted the lifestyle his money could buy.  I’m guessing these scenes were shot after the general shooting so it could be added to make Bethenny more appealing for her talk show, which is on again, off again.

They play the sappy music, Bethenny cries, and it is once again a view of old Bethenny. Then we see a clip of upcoming shows and one has to wonder if they are setting us up for the end of her marriage.  It looks a little too scripted.  The fighting, her wanting her real family, it all feels off.

I could be rong and simply seeing the show through eyes that are not fans of Bethenny, or perhaps, just maybe, Bravo thinks this is our first rodeo and we can’t see what they are doing.  In the end, it will all play out exactly the way Bethenny wants it too.  That’s how Bethenny rolls.

Seeing a likeable Bethenny was nice.  I truly used to think she was great television and great for women.  It’s nice to see the girl we liked, but also sad to see how much she has changed. It would be nice to think she was changing, but probably not since Bethenny can’t keep it real.