Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – DONE!

We are finally at the place we have all been waiting for, the final episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This has been a dark and depressing season.  By dark and depressing of course I mean Bravo decided to be disrespectful by having loyal viewers watch two women, one a liar and one an addict, crawl their way through crap.  It is fitting that my final blog of the season be balls to the wall.  Buckle up people.

Before I address the show, I want to clarify a few of things.  It is my opinion that:

Adrienne is useless on this show.

Brandi is a star and what this show needs.

Camille has paid her dues and come out golden.

Dana is even more useless than Adrienne.

Kim never should have been on this show.

Kyle is a bitch and a twat.

Lisa is too good for these skanks.

Taylor is a pathological liar.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the final episode of the reunion, and the end of the season.  Andy is still talking to Taylor about her stupid book of lies.  I know people are sensitive about abuse, but I feel quite comfortable saying that I do not believe Taylor’s claims about Russell. She is rehearsed, sounds fake, and he is not here to defend himself.  I feel sick for his kids that she is doing this to their dad.

Taylor is talking about a time when she was with friends, and they were witness to his abuse.  He apparently knocked out the friend and tried to drown her.  When he almost killed her, the friend miraculously came to, and had $10K worth of plastic surgery.  Is she high?  Come on Taylor.  It’s not true and with all the people who are questioning you, just get the friend to come forward, and confirm what you are claiming.

We are supposed to believe he dislocated her jaw and she snapped it back in over the toilet?  Seriously, I’m not buying it. Sorry.  Brandi is not having it either, says she thinks it’s horrible for Taylor to talk about it all when he cannot defend himself, and Taylor looks at her with a glazed look of “You can’t get me off my script”.  I cannot listen to her spew her crapfest any longer so I am moving on from this horrific bitch.

Dana comes on to talk and seriously I could care less.  I thought she as useless on the show and she is forgettable now.  She is desperate to be famous but she is not appealing and her fiance is a schmuck.  This chick is a whack job and with all the money she has, couldn’t she get better extensions?  I’ve interviewed her and she was sweet, but that does not translate here. I’m skipping over her so I don’t fall asleep.

Mauricio, Ken, and Paul join the ladies and while nothing they are saying is even remotely interesting, there was some interesting things of note. Adrienne looks at Paul with palpable disgust and I find it unnerving.  Ken is darling and he and Lisa are very cute.  Mauricio is handsome to be sure, but his wife is disgusting so what does that say about him?  Kyle we love your husband, but even he can’t change how we see you.

Kim comes on to talk about her experience and here’s the thing, it was heartbreaking.  This woman, who we all grew up loving, is a mess and that she is on this show is horrific.  Kyle brought her on the show, knowing she was an addict, which speaks volumes about who Kyle is as a sister and a human being. I think the best thing Kim can do for herself is stay off of this show and away from her mean spirited and selfish sister.

I am of the belief that Kim was high for this interview.  She was speaking slowly and slurred, was aware, but out of it, and it made me sad.  I wish this woman well and will keep her in my prayers.  I think the question is not whether or not Kim will return to the show next season, but if she will be alive next season.  This is a tragedy waiting to unfold and God willing we will not be reading about her overdosing alone somewhere.

Kim has avoided watching the show all season as it’s too had for her, yet Andy tells her he has it if she wants to watch it.  She just got out of rehab, is clearly still struggling, and he offers up her humiliation on a silver platter? Andy Cohen is a whore and this was disgusting.  I love Andy but this was a massive lapse of judgment and he should have respected Kim enough to leave her alone.  You are Jackhole of the week Andy.

Kyle joins Kim and Andy and it’s repulsive.  Kyle makes me want to hurl.  She cannot allow her sister to have any success without hanging onto it.  Kyle Richards is happy when her sister fails so she can look better.  Kyle saying that she does not regret having her sister on the show, when she sees what the pressure did to her, tells me that Kyle cares about Kyle.  She is her sister’s biggest enemy and it’s too bad.

This final hour of the show was just too much.  Why did Kim have her purse? To hold her drugs.  Why was Kyle there with Kim?  Because she cannot stand the attention being on anyone but her?  This year was horrible, with the only good thing being the introduction of Brand Glanville.  Brandi, Camille and Lisa are the beginnings of a good show.  If they dump Kyle and Adrienne, and keep Kim, they will have gold.  Come on Bravo. Stop being douchelords, and start keeping it real.