This is George Carlin

The other day I was watching Jersey Girl on television.  Don’t judge me.  My 16 year old son came in and sat with me.  After less than a minute he asked, “What the hell is this garbage?”  I told him it was a good movie and should give it a chance.  He noticed George Carlin on the screen and decided it was worth watching. 

He is a huge fan of Carlin, but after 30 seconds he got up to leave.  I told him he needed to give it more of a chance because it was Carlin, and he loved Carlin.  He looked at me with a facial expression that implied he felt sorry for me, and then in a tone that implied he was disgusted with me, said, “That’s is not George Carlin”.

My brilliant child emailed me this video under the subject “THIS IS GEORGE CARLIN”.  Carlin was a genius and I am thankful my son reminded me.  Watch, laugh, marvel, and enjoy. Rest in Peace Mr. Carlin.  You are loved by generations and this is a brilliant piece of work.  To my son, you were so right! Thank you Baby. Keep the faith.