Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 2

I watched the reunion this week like a fan.  I sat on the couch with my cat, had a glass of wine, and enjoyed the show.  I thought it was interesting and entertaining.  That said, I also found it to be a great big serving of steaming hot crap.  If I didn’t pick sides before I watched, I certainly have now.

Brandi has joined in with the ladies this week and Andy jumps right in.  Brandy is a hoot and if it were not for her many of us would not be watching this crap fest. Brandi is the young, beautiful, single one so there is clearly a lot of jealousy from those without strong marriages.

Adrienne and Kyle are focused on being mean to her, which makes me think maybe there is not a lot of hanky panky going on in their marriages. Lisa and Ken are perfection so she could care less.  Taylor swallows men whole so who cares about her, and Camille is in love so she’s cool..

Kyle is just mean and Adrienne’s face is pulled so tight I don’t take anything she says seriously.  I’m not sure why we need to talk about Brandi’s bikini for so long.  She has a rocking body, move on.  Jealousy makes women mean. Instead of hating on Brandi, Kyle should worry about herself.

Andy asks Kyle why she was so mean to Brandi when she came on and Kyle says she was defensive and had her guard up towards the new girl.  Not buying it.  Klye was mean to Brandi because she is mean.  She is bitchy and catty and not a nice girl.  Any other explanation is lame.

Kyle tells us she knows she was mean and ridiculous but I’m not buying that either.  Kyle is doing damage control but it’s too late.  Brandi saying she was going to kill Kyle was about as serious as Russell telling Camille he was going to sue her.  Funny what these chicks choose to hang on to.

Brandi is sorry things got out of hand, but she‘s not sorry she said Kim was using something because clearly she was.  Kyle is annoyed Brandi said meth when it was not Kim’s issue, but lets get real, Kim was doing more than drinking.  Kim is, in my opinion, an alcoholic and drug user.

Brandi calls Kim and Kyle out for being bullies, but is gracious in forgiving them, but then Taylor jumps in.  Important for Taylor to understand that we do not care to hear anything she says.  Taylor is sticking up for Kyle while Kyle sits there saying nothing, which implies she was lying.

Kyle is annoyed people are blaming her for Kim hiding Brandi’s crutches, but it was as much Kyle as Kim.  Kyle knew where the crutches were and never said anything.  She could have helped Brandi and told Kim she didn’t because Kim was wasted and wouldn’t remember.

We are twelve minutes in and I’m not into blogging about it anymore.  Kyle is horrible, Adrienne is ridiculous, and Taylor is a pathological liar.  Another 45 minutes might be too much for me.  A reader told me today I was too negative.  Hard to not be when watching this garbage!

We learn Brandi uses cuss words more than anyone else, and Camille and Adrienne the least.  It’s a stupid segment and the only thing that came out of it was I noticed how fake Kyle’s laugh is.  She sounds like a chicken.  We also see the tension between Adrienne and Lisa.

Adrienne is not missing any opportunity to be mean to Lisa and Lisa seems a little worn out by it.  Andy’s questions are stupid this week and not nearly as good as past reunions.  Kyle thinks Brandi is slutty, but I think doing the splits on a table at a party is whorish so who cares?

Brandi is being Brandi and the others are all grimacing at her crassness, but we know they are just as crass.  The Pollyanna routine is not working.  Kyle can get in the gutter with Brandi and we all know it.  I like the gutter and think Kyle is silly for not owning the gutter.

Kyle is telling us the difference between slutty and sexy.  Really?  Is there a chapter about that in her book?  How did this woman even get a book deal? I have watched Kyle hang onto the coattails of her sister and nieces for years and she should have written a book about that instead.

Taylor let’s us know that no British people live in Oklahoma, which is why she did not understand Lisa’s humor.  Lisa is talking about wanting to help Taylor, and the other ladies think it’s weird that Lisa and Taylor became friendly so quickly.  These chicks are really immature.

Are we like this with our friends?  I don’t think so. Taylor is talking about how mean Lisa’s dog is on Twitter.  Is she serious?  Taylor is mad because of a dog’s Twitter?  Brandi comments on it and Taylor lashes out that she is not talking to her.  Taylor is a loose cannon.

Important to note that if Andy Cohen does not make Brandi a full time housewife he has lost his mind.  Well he lost his mind when he put this pathetic season on the air so it won’t be lloosing his mind as much as proving he is a complete moron who is out of touch with the audience.

We’re at minute 24 and I have put down the wine and poured a cocktail. Adrienne’s face is not moving, she’s talking, but it’s not moving.  Adrienne is mad Brandi told Lisa she spoke about her behind her back.  She does not deny it, but is annoyed Brandi told her.  Adrienne is cranky.

Camille calls Taylor a liar, while Kyle wants us to believe she does not want drama in her life.  Really?  Brandi is calling Adrienne out on her crap, then Lisa calls Adrienne out too, and Adrienne just sits there licking her lips and looking like a fool.  Adrienne brings nothing to this show.

Camille calls Taylor out on her lies, and Kyle hides behind her problems with Kim as a way to deflect everything off of her.  Brandi tells us she spoke with Russell and Taylor says she is a liar.  I am with Brandi on this.  I feel, in my heart, that Taylor is lying about Russell.  It’s tragic.

Brandi says what all of the world is thinking, and I have written about for months.  Why is she writing a book trashing Russell when his body is not cold?  Taylor could have waited to write her book. She could have talked about her childhood and marriage without mentioning Russell.

What she has done is chronicle the story of a monster for her child.  Taylor is an opportunist and I believe part of the reason Russell took his own life was because of her lying.  She is screaming that Russell was a master manipulator so clearly she learned a few things from him.

Taylor calls out Brandi for “slashing” her ex-husband’s tires, Brandi admits it and Taylor seems to think it paints Brandi in a bad light.  What it does is show she is human and was a woman with a broken heart.  She slashed tires. Taylor wrote a book of lies.  Everyone is different.

Sidebar:  Bravo keeps showing commercials for Bethenny Frankel’s show and how they were lost at sea with a broken GPS.  IT”S ALL A LIE.  I spoke with the captain of her “rescue boat” and the United States Coast Guard, and the GPS was not broken.  It was all made up for her show.

Brandi is disgusted with Taylor’s book, Kyle says Brandi needs to have compassion for Taylor because her husband died, and Brandi is clearly trying to control herself from getting up off the couch like our beloved Teresa, and smacking the crap out of Kyle.  I dig Brandi.

Kyle can try to back peddle from her behavior all season but it’s too late. She is horrible.  We have seen her true self and we don’t like it.  We’re not dumb Kyle.  Kyle is a fame whore. A lot of reality fans read my blog and many did not read her book because of this season.

Kyle wants us to think she thought the show would be good for Kim.  Seriously?  How is the pressure of a reality show a good idea for an addict?  Kyle is selfish, has no connection to her sister, and is incapable of having meaningful relationships with women.

Important to note that my opinions of this show are based on this show.  I do not know these women and this blog is show specific.  I am writing about the characters I am shown by Bravo.  That said, the reunion is the real them, and my opinions are not changing.  Just saying.

Kyle then tells us that as viewers, we are not allowed to have opinions because we don’t see everything. Really?  Kyle is a bitch and she is now calling us out.  She has a job because we watch and she is going to throw us under the bus?  Not only is she mean, but she is ungrateful.

There is now a long segment on Camille and because I’m losing my patience with this show I will simply say I love her, am happy for her and her new boyfriend, and think Kelsey Grammer is a cheating pig.  Just because Camille changed how we view her does not mean Kyle can.

Andy is going on and on about Camille making a calculated move to make her herself look better this season and I think calculated is the wrong word. She made a conscious effort to behave in a positive and fun way.  It was not calculated, which implies fake.  It was conscious.

Andy asked Taylor if her lips have gotten smaller and she says no.  My theory is that she lies so much her nose is growing, which makes her lips look smaller.  Just a thought.  Then Andy brings up Taylor’s book and she tells us she wrote it to help women with low self-esteem.

She tells us Russell abused her every 6 weeks for the last 5 years. She sounds like she is quoting a self help book.  She has been lying for so long she is believing her own lies.  I am not saying there was not bad stuff happening in her home, but I don’t buy all the stories.

Kyle and Adrienne talking about the book and Taylor makes me sick.  Taylor is going out of her way to slander this man and seems to forget that he has children, one of which is her child.  She has painted a horrible picture for this little girl and it’s so sad to me.  What is she thinking?

She says Russell was perhaps killed rather than killing himself, and smiles coyly at Andy.  This woman is not well and is putting her selfish needs in front of the well being of her child.  Next week looks like another sack of crap as we watch Kyle make Kim’s issues all about her.

This season has been hard and I am thrilled there is only one week left. Andy Cohen and Bravo need to really think about this show and how to bring them all back.  I will say now, with complete conviction and truth, that if Brandi is not there to give us some fun I’m out.  Just keeping it real.