Meet Linda – This is What Cancer Looks Like

It took just three days for the Susan G. Komen Foundation to change their minds about funding Planned Parenthood.  There have been countless stories written about both their decision, and then their change of heart.

I’m sure their hearts had nothing to do with either decision.  I have been thinking about this story for days and was planning to write about it this weekend.  Then I met Linda through her video.

I love this woman.  Linda, you are a hero to me and millions of other women.  I am keeping you and your family in my prayers.  Thank you for having the courage, and the balls, to share your story in such a powerful way. 

There is nothing I could write that would be as important as what this remarkable woman has to say.  Thanks to MOVEON.ORG introducing us to Linda.  She is brave, beautiful, blessed and keeping the faith.