RHOBH Reunion Part 1

Well, it’s finally over and now we get the payoff in the form of the reunion. It is our prize for suffering through this miserable season of crap. The only reality we’re been given all season is the three part reunion, so I’m in!  The ladies are settled in and wine is poured, so here we go!

Is it just me or are all of the dresses tonight ugly?  I expected the ladies to look a little better.  Adrienne’s dress is mortifying and further proof that she thinks it’s 1984.  There is some weird purple haze over the set and nobody looks happy to be there which is good for us!

Kim is not there because she’s in rehab, so as we begin we have Camille, Lisa, Kyle, Taylor and Adrienne.  Adrienne is ridiculous.  There is nothing appealing about this woman.  She is a bitch to her husband, a bitch to her friends, and a moron.  She may be educated, but she’s not smart.

Andy talks to Lisa about the wedding and his wanting to know how much it cost was tacky.  He is rude to Lisa, saying it was her wedding more than Pandora’s and I am turned off my him.  Just as Andy was on Teresa at the New Jersey reunion, he seems to be on Lisa here.

Adrienne is going on about how hurtful Lisa was to her and it’s stupid. Crackpot is not that cute.  Deal.  Adrienne is upset Pandora’s bachelorette party was not at The Palms, which is ridiculous.  Nobody wants to go to The Palms so why would Lisa?  Adrienne is a big baby.

I think the Maloof Hoof/Vanderpump was hilarious.  Adrienne is offended by everything Lisa says and I’m not really listening to her because I am fixated on how puffy her face is.  How much crap does this woman put in her face? The calculated and systematic attacks on Lisa are in effect.

Kyle is pissed at Lisa and it’s not clear why.  Kyle is mean.  I think she is a fame whore and after hanging onto the coattails of her porn star niece and drunk sister for so long, she has had a taste of fame and nothing else matters to her.  I used to love Kyle, not so much anymore.

Kyle is being just horrible to Lisa and I don’t get what is happening.  Kyle is out of control.  She is rambling about how she cares about all the girls and that is crap.  Kyle cares about being famous.  Who would want to be friends with this woman?  If you can’t do anything for her, she’s out.

To hear the women talking about how much they spent on a dress is both disturbing and fabulous.  Good for them that they can drop 30K on a dress and bless their balls for not being too embarrassed to share it.  Then they talk about how tacky Dana is without mentioning Dana.

It’s time to talk about Russell.  This puts me over the edge.  God bless Kennedy and her two siblings.  I hope they have wonderful memories of their dad and never lose them.  Taylor’s lips look bigger.  Maybe it’s because she is thinner, but she is an alien and looks really horrible.

Taylor says she was grieving and did not think about the show airing. Adrienne thinks the show should have shown to let people see what Russell was going through.  Really?  All we saw was that his wife lied about a lot of stuff and he killed himself.  We learned nothing.

There was no great message taught by showing this storyline.  The abuse of Taylor, if it occurred, is horrible, but what lesson did it teach? Stay in an abusive relationship until it gets so bad someone dies?  Adrienne needs to shut up and stop talking as if she knows anything.

Camille felt the show should not air as it would harmful to Russell’s children. I am with Camille on this one.  Taylor is calmly explaining that she agreed to do the show while being abused because the cameras would protect her. Really? I think Taylor, or whatever her name is, is delusional.

She cries and says she loved Russell and misses him terribly.  She then proceeds to tell us that he had a mental illness.  The man has died, he has 3 young children, and she is telling the world that their dad had a mental issue?  The disrespect for the children of this man is offensive.

Adrienne just can’t stop talking and tells us Russell may have killed Taylor. Really?  Again, shut up Adrienne.  We are shown a bunch of clips from Taylor’s nervous breakdown and it’s sad.  I would feel some compassion for her if she would stop lying.  I just cannot stand her.

I am loving Camille Grammer. She is keeping it real so bravo to her.  Back to Taylor’s lies, I just don’t believe her.  I want to, but I can’t.  I think she has built a story and is so far into it she cannot go back.  The truth was bad enough so why embellish it?  Something is not right with her.

Camille is being very gracious to Taylor.  I really like her.  Why is Adrienne talking again?  Why are we talking about Bernie?  He seems like a loser to me and that Adrienne is defending her chef over her friend is weird.  Adrienne has a stick up her butt for Lisa and it really makes no sense.

Lisa says Bernie sold a story to the tabloids and Adrienne turns around says Lisa has.  Lisa is insisting she never has, and Adrienne is saying she is a liar. Lisa then says it’s slander and Adrienne sits there with a frozen look on her face, and all I want to do is rip off her Zolciak wig.

Camille confirms that some guy at a gossip site told Adrienne and Camille that they paid her for stories.  Not buying it.  They told Camille and Adrienne that, hoping they were gullible enough to believe it.  I feel bad for Lisa that she is under such an attack and she is clearly shaken.

With only four minutes to go we get what we’ve all been waiting for.  Brandi Glanville!  We only see her for a couple of minutes, but it is awesome.  She is not taking crap from the mean girls and I love it.  If Bravo does not make her a housewife they have officially lost their minds.

Part one of the reunion was good, but surprising.  The attacks on Lisa were very strange.  It’s idiotic because if we need to choose sides I think Kyle, Taylor and Adrienne will lose.  Those women suck and Bravo letting them go would be the best way to keep it real.