Mob Wives: We’ve Got Raccoons

We start this week with Drita getting ready to sign her divorce papers.  She is sad and hesitating sending them to her husband, who is currently incarcerated.  He cheated on her and she can’t forgive him so she is divorcing him.  He has no idea it’s coming and she has not told her kids.

Drita is crying because once she mails the papers to Lee in prison it will be over and she wanted for it to work.  I cannot imagine how crushing it must feel to stand by a man while he spent years in prison, only to then have it end.  She wasted a lot of years waiting for him.

Drita is one tough cookie.  She will beat you to within an inch of your life if you cross her, but at the end of the day she is just a girl and the man that she has loved for a very long time has broken her heart, and it’s very sad to see her obvious sorrow and fear of the future.

In classic Drita fashion, she jokes that divorce papers should be called “You Don’t Deserve Me” papers.  I love Drita and even as we get to know her better and see she is a great lady.  I am on team Drita because she’s great not because I’m scared!

Karen and Ramona are meeting for coffee and seriously, I’m about done with these two.  They are not interesting or entertaining.  Dump these two and give us some Big Ang!  Karen is full of hot hair.  She likes the sound of her own voice and goes on and on about stuff that we just don’t care about.

I am convinced that Karen sits at home and watches Goodfellas and The Godfather and writes down stuff she can then say on camera.  Ramona is a troublemaker and Karen is desperate for fame and fortune.  She can keep trying, but she is not a mafia princess, she’s just annoying.

Drita is out with Carla and they are talking about homework for their kids and it’s moments like that where we see they are moms, and living real lives. It was funny to me and I loved it.  Carla tells Drita that she met with Karen and Drita is not too happy about it.  Drita is feeling betrayed.

Drita tried to smooth things over with Karen but Karen is too busy pretending to be a hard ass to take advantage of Drita being nice.  Karen does not realize that we all love Drita and every time she crosses her, it pisses us off a little more.  We think you are a joke Karen.

Karen is out for lunch with her daughter who is 12 and visiting from Arizona. She has been with her mom for the summer and Karen is sending her back to Arizona while she stays in New York.  All I will say is that this scene crosses lines for me and I have no respect for Karen.

Renee is out for lunch with Carla and hearing about her meeting with Karen.  She is annoyed Karen made their meeting with Carla all about Drita, and Carla is now worried Renee will get in the middle and there will be more drama.  I’ve had a change of heart about Carla.

I didn’t really get her in the beginning.  She was not as exciting as Drita and Renee, but in the end I think I like her.  She stays calm and is not as over the top as the others, but you just know with the right provocation she would take you down.  I am now officially a fan of Carla.

Renee can’t help herself and needs to speak her mind so she is now having dinner with Karen and Ramona.  She is pissed that Karen made it all about Drita.  Karen keeps looking directly into the camera and it really bugs me.  I just don’t believe anything that she says.  She’s a bad actress.

Ramona is pushing Karen to hate on Drita.  When Ramona goes off she sounds good and you know Karen is sitting there and thinking why can’t I talk like that?  Karen is dying to take notes so she can copy Ramona later. Ramona says Carla’s elevator does not go to the top floor.  Hilarious.

Ramona calls Drita a crumb snatcher and points out that Drita is not even Italian and needs to stop pretending she belongs in the group. Ramona is losing her mind and Renee calls her out and says she is stirring trouble.  In the end she cannot bring peace to the group.

Karen is out again with Ramona and I find myself getting annoyed watching these two.  Karen decides to have a spa party for the girls and will have it at Renee’s house since her apartment is small. She wants to make peace but never mentions that she causes the problems.

Now that Drita has signed the “you don’t deserve me” papers, she is packing up Lee’s things.  Drita is sad that Lee would not betray the Mafia, but easily betrayed her.  The life these women live is fascinating.  I don’t know how they do it.  We are then taken into Lee’s private room.

It’s just a room.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was disappointing and a little anti-climactic.  It was like Capone’s vault.  Whatever.  Important to note that the soundtrack for this show is perfection.  I have downloaded a lot of the songs to my iPod.  I love this show.

Drita finds a letter in a coat pocket from Lee to her from prison and poor Drita cries again.  I feel for the girl.  Over at Renee’s she has Karen over and Karen is just too much.  She keeps looking into the camera and it really pisses me off. Renee is getting stressed out by all the drama.

She struggles with depression and all the stress is killing her. Karen is talking about leaving her daughter and it’s just lame.  I would never leave my kid. Karen has no interest in making up with Drita but is going to invite Carla to the spa day.  Renee agrees to let her use her house.

Renee’s dad is out of prison after eleven years and in a halfway house.  AJ goes to visit him and Renee tells us she has no relationship with her dad. They do not see eye to eye on many things and so she has not seen him or spoken to him.  AJ tells her to go and see him, but she won’t do it.

In light of what is going on with Renee now, I can only imagine how heartbroken she must be.  To hear her talk about her dad with AJ is touching.  When she asks AJ if her dad asked about her, the look on her face made me want to hug her and drive her over to see her dad.

Karen calls Carla to invite her to her spa party and she is trying so hard to avoid the cameras, that she looks ridiculous.  Her eyes are darting around and I can’t take it.  This girl has got to go back to Arizona, be with her beautiful little girl and stop trying to cash in on her mafia connections.

Carla is out with Drita, who once again gets the prize for best quote of the night.  “Karen is like a f’ing raccoon, always in my garbage.  That b**** won’t go away.”  I freaking love Drita.  I wrote earlier that I liked Carla, well I take it all back, Carla says she has Drita’s back, but not so much.

Carla told Drita she did not know if she was going to the spa party which was lame.  If you have Drita’s back then don’t go.  That’s it. Renee, Carla and Drita are out for dinner and Renee wants peace.  Poor Renee is sucked into all the drama.  By sucked in of course I mean she jumps in.

Renee is stirring up trouble by repeating all kinds of crap from Karen and Ramona.  Karen thinks Drita is a wannabe because she is not Italian, and wants to be like her.  For someone who wants peace, Renee is not doing a good job. None of these chicks have Drita’s back.

This week had no Big Ang which was disappointing, but I’m looking at it as a set up for next week and not even a real episode.  Next week there will be fists flying and I can’t wait.  I’m sending good wishes to Renee and I hope everything turns out well for her family, and she keeps it real.