Dating Sucks Singles Event

For those of us who are searching for our beshert, we pray that every first date will be our last.  Being set up, dating online, or hitting the bars are all horrible, but not as bad as going to a singles event.

Until now.

The first of The Jewish Journal’s singles events is something new and different.  We are going to get honest, get real, and get our kvetch on.

If you are single and living in Los Angeles, I hope you will join us for drinks, nosh and a frank look at dating in LA.  One of my favorite singles bloggers, Elliot Steingart, who writes “Some Reservations”, and myself are going to share our dating horror stories over cocktails.  If you think I’m open and frank in my blogs, wait till you hear me tell the stories after a drink or two.

Bring your stories too, because after a cocktail you might want to share, and we hope you do.  Sometimes venting about how bad dating can be is enough to cleanse a bitter and jaded dater so they have the strength to give it another shot.  If not, then just have another shot and enjoy a night out.

No story shall be sugarcoated and if we’re lucky, one of the losers I’ve been out with will actually have the courage to show his face and we can get his side of the story.  Maybe the man who threw up on my shoes can come and have a drink.  Or maybe the man who dated me for a month while living with his girlfriend can bring her to say hello.  Perhaps the man who thought it would be cool to post a picture of his son as his actual profile picture, would like to bring his son.  I’ve got a million of them folks.

My wonderful friend Danielle Berrin, who is the brilliant “Hollywood Jew” writer, will moderate a discussion on dating, rules, sex, faith, hope and horror as we discuss why it’s just so hard.  In an attempt to not be completely bitter, Seth Menachem of “My Single Peeps” will be on hand to do a little matchmaking.

If you are gay, straight, young, old, man or woman, you are welcome to join us.  We are united in our dating frustration and a bad date does not discriminate.  I never thought the day would come when I would be at a singles event on a Saturday night, but here I am.  Not only am I going, but I’m looking forward to it.  You just never know who you might meet.  Stop thinking about buying a ticket and just do it. 

Part cocktail party, part horror movie, and part therapy session, this will be funnest singles event you have ever been too.  Or least not as bad as a loser date on a Saturday night.  I hope to see you on Saturday, February 11th. With any luck I will meet someone great!  Or perhaps I will just get sloshed enough to think all the men look like George Clooney.  That’s a win-win night so I’m looking forward to it and keeping the faith.