The Bethenny Frankel Charade Continues

It was announced today that Bethenny Frankel’s shelved talk show is back on.  Fox released a statement saying it has purchased a six week preview. This comes after Telepictures, who was a potential distributor, backed out last year because Bethenny did not test well.  She was too “aggressive” to the audience and it was determined the show would not work.

Bethenny, who will produce the show along with Ellen DeGeneres, apparently went for some “nice training” and the show was tweaked to include her new personality.  Bethenny has enough money that she could in fact afford to buy a new personality, but it won’t matter because at the end of the day, she is a lying manipulator and not everyone buys into her crapfest.

How this chick managed to fool so many people is fascinating to me.  God bless her for being able to manipulate herself into fame and fortune. She is successful and so good for her.  Of course the word successful is subjective. There is nothing enviable about this woman to me and I know the day is coming when I will sit back and say, “Told ya so!”

The news of her talk show was interesting but not shocking.  What is shocking is the commercial Bravo has running for the season premier of her show Bethenny Ever After.  In the trailer we learn that Bethenny is still a shrill bitch to her husband, who has cobwebs on his genitalia, and she is continuing to lie about her near death sailing trip last summer.

I spoke exclusively with Tim Russell who was the gentleman who went to “rescue” Bethenny and he confirmed that the GPS on their boat was not broken, yet in the commercial for the new season of her crapfest, Bethenny is told by the boat captain, who also happens to be her therapist, that the GPS is not working.  It is a flat out lie.  The GPS was working.

Bethenny was not lost at sea and she knows it.  The fact that she slapped a gag order on Tim Russell after I wrote the story of our conversation, speaks volumes.  The poor guy probably signed a television release without reading it, and they screwed him into not being about to tell the truth.  The thing is, he told me the truth before the gag order went into effect.

I have spoken to many people who know Bethenny, and even had the honor of meeting her dad a couple of times, and I feel sad for her that she has painted herself into such a tight corner.  There are a lot of bodies along her path to the top and eventually her life will start to unravel.  Her lying about the ingredients in her bottled cow pee is just the beginning.

I used to think Bethenny was funny, and a much needed person on reality television.  Over the years however she has become more and more unappealing.  Her treatment of her husband and his parents is offensive.  Her constant lying is ridiculous.  Her preaching the benefits of Skinnygirl when she is clearly not healthy, is disturbing.  She is a hot mess..

Her friends are all on her payroll and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that is willing to talk smack about her.  The only thing that makes sense is that Bethenny has a file full of gag orders because in addition to looking skeletal, she has a lot of skeletons in her closet and at some point they are all going to come out and she will not be able to hide them anymore.

This blog will get lots of hate mail from women who seem to think Bethenny is an expert on having it all and to them I say she is not.  She’s just a girl who lied and slept her way to the top, using all the privileges of her father’s fame and fortune to get what she wanted, then waited for him to die to start airing her dirty laundry so he could not defend himself.

I realize that I sound angry, and somehow invested more than I should be, but it pisses me off that this woman is selling a bunch of lies.  It’s a shame because rather than being entertaining, funny, vulnerable and compelling like she was when we met her, she is now spinning out of control and losing fans.  Just because people watch her does not mean they like her.

I will be watching her new season.  Not because I’m a fan, but rather because I cannot turn away from the train wreck.  I am going to make note of all her lies, and I will probably blog about it because that is what I do.  I blog about reality television so I will write, and in doing so be a voice to those she has silenced. That dear Bethenny, is keeping it real.