Why Gibson’s Maccabee movie may be awesome after all: A scene from ‘Dirty Jew-Dah’

I literally cracked up when I read the actor Josh Malina’s mock-Mel Gibson-Maccabee script for the first time (penned exclusively for The Jewish Journal). Then, I read it again and decided it’s clever enough and funny enough to be its own movie. “Scary Maccabee” or something like that. Malina’s one-page script mockumentary “Dirty Jew-Dah” is a very good reason for him to quit acting and write the entire screenplay because I’m dying to read it.

Malina writes:

Gibson, who famously quipped (during a 2006 DUI incident), “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world,” apparently less-famously followed that with, “and I want to make movies out of all of them.”

Imagine my shock when a friend who works at Warner Bros. secretly e-mailed me the first page of Mel’s screenplay for his film…

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