Mob Wives RECAP

We start with the aftermath of Renee’s party.  Big Ang is out for lunch with Drita and let me just say these two chicks are fabulous television. I love Drita so much and wish I had balls as big as hers.  Actually, I think I do which may be why I love her so much.  As for Ang, this woman is simply divine.  VH1 hit gold with this woman.

Drita is telling Ang she felt set up and Ang is telling her she felt bad she pushed for reconciliation.  I cannot take my eyes off of these women. Everything about them is fascinating.  The voices, accents, profanity, makeup, all of it.  This is my favorite reality television show.  Maybe because it is the only show dealing with reality.

Ramona goes over to Renee’s house to say sorry about her party being ruined.  Really?  It was Ramona that started the problems.  If she has shut up and not pushed Karen into a tizzy, it would have been fine and they would have figured it out.  Ramona wants to be a hard ass but I’m just not that interested in her.  She’s not a star here.

Renee is perfect television.  I want to be her friend.  She is a great mix of scary and vulnerable.  I want her to be happy which I think says a lot about her.  We all just really love her.  Ramona is stirring up more crap with Renee about by sharing her hate of Carla.  Carla and Renee are friends though, so Ramona needs to watch herself here.

Renee and Carla are going to get back to being friends, and then Ramona’s words will backfire.  Ramona tells Renee she has been all over the world and people don’t act like these women in any other states.  Is she talking about the world or the states?  She is right that these women do not exist anywhere.  They are magic and magic is rare.

Drita meets Carla for drinks and it’s agreed that Drita and Carla will go with Renee to meet with Big Ang.  Ang is setting up a meeting so everyone can get along again.  Ang is the peacemaker.  She’s a grown up, not into the drama, and just wants peace.  I wish Ang was my neighbor.  Come to LA Ang! Your fans will show you a good time.

Renee lets us know she is a good letter writer from all her experience in writing to her friends and family in prison.  Love her.  She is writing a letter to Carla.  She is trying to be calm and rational in how she deals with Carla, but she is hurt that Carla did not reach out to her when she was in the hospital.  I’m with Renee on this one.

Carla should have supported her and saying she did not know how bad it was is crap. She knew she was in the hospital and that is enough to get her to make a call.  Period.  Over at Big Ang’s house, she is making lunch for her friend. She looks great when talking to the camera and I love it that these chicks all cook. No Beverly Hills reservations here.

Ang and her pal Linda are talking about picking up guys and it is awesome. These are middle-aged women who are on the prowl and owning it.  Ang tells us she’s had her lips and boobs done and it’s not enough.  She wants more. Linda is telling her to go to the Ukraine and I can’t get enough.  Ang is the breakout star of not only this show, but all television.

I love Ang’s green kitchen and matching pots.  Super cute.  Over at Drita’s house she is putting it on the market and downsizing since she is getting a divorce.  She has not spoken to Lee about it, but she knows it’s the next step.  It’s sad because you can tell she is sad about it.  She would have stuck by him if he had not cheated.

Ramona is out for drinks with Karen and she really is not that bright.  It’s entertaining, a little, but I just don’t get these two.  They are not that interesting, Karen is too aware of the camera’s, Ramona is clearly in search of 15 minutes, and in a show that screams reality, they are a little off to me. Maybe that will change.  Maybe not.

Drita is with her daughter and it’s sweet.  We forget they are moms and that the lives they lead are really hard on not only them, but their families. Drita has not told her kids she is getting a divorce, but does tell her older daughter she might sell the house.  The little girl is sad of course, and the entire exchange makes me love Drita more.

Drita is lovely with her daughter, her daughter is lovely, and I wish them nothing but good things.  Divorce is hard, but their situation makes it just a little tougher. It’s time for Big Ang’s planned cocktails with Renee, Drita and Carla. The girls are all there and all look great. Renee sits down and boom she gets into it right away.  She is ready to go.

Renee tells Carla she was hurt Carla did not acknowledge her being in the hospital and Carlo responds that it was not her fault because nobody told her.  Not sure I buy that since the gossiping with these chicks is out of control, but okay.  Renee tells Carla she wrote her a letter and they will read it together privately.  Carla and Renee make up.

I have not bought into Carla yet, but today she was much more likeable than she was in the past.  The girls are laughing and drinking and all is well again Big Ang is the glue this week and I freaking love her.  Drita has decided to sell off her jewelry and when she gets her engagement ring appraised. We learn it is worth over 100K which is good but sad.

You can see her pain and it’s unfortunate she is in this place.  Good for her though that she will have a little money to start over.  Back with Renee, she is out for dinner with Junior and they are cute together.  He cheated, she could not take it, they got divorced.  She loved him even when he was cheating on her and it’s sad.  I get it, but it’s sad.

Junior tells Renee he made some mistakes in their relationship and Renee starts to cry.  She wanted him to acknowledge that he hurt her, and he did. Who knows what will happen with them, but their dinner was nice. Renee looked beautiful and you could feel her happiness.  There are reservations to be sure, but she was happy.

Over at Karen’s, she is “acting” while talking to Ramona who called to tell her she and her boyfriend have been arrested.  Karen is not a good actress and too aware of the camera’s to be interesting to me, plus who cares?  Renee is back with Carla and reading her the letter she wrote.  It’s a nice letter and good for Renee that was calm and wrote it all down.

Carla and Renee are good and it’s nice.  It’s so funny when Renee tells the camera it was great they could make up with no physical violence.  The amount of hitting with these chicks is truly unbelievable.  There are fascinating people, leading fascinating lives, and when it comes to reality television, these Staten Island ladies are keeping it real.