Real Housewives of Atlanta RECAP

I’m a little late with this recap because there was so much reality television to talk about I fell behind, but also because this week in Atlanta was a little boring and I couldn’t quite get into the racap.  There are weeks when the entire hour is jam packed with good stuff, and some that just drag.

We start with Phaedra and Aiden talking to Phaedra’s mom.  Let’s just stop for a minute and say this child is gorgeous.  He really is beautiful and I want to just smoosh him.  Phaedra is excited about opening her own funeral parlor and having it be a family affair and legacy she can leave her son.

Grandma wants to minister to those who have lost a loved one and Phaedra wants to make “funerals worth dying for”.  They are really a fun family and I like all of them.  Phaedra and her mom are laughing at one point and so Aiden starts laughing and leans in to give his grandma a high five.  Cute!

Apollo is not into the whole funeral idea so they decide Phaedra will take him to Willie’s so he can see how fabulous it is.  Meanwhile over with Cynthia, the strains of her marriage are getting stronger.  Cynthia is upset and Peter is pissed.  They go to a dance class whish is beyond stupid.

Why would you go to a salsa class, where you need to touch each other and be in sync, when you can’t even talk to each other? I think Cynthia is really beautiful but simply not that bright, and Peter is a man who has given up on his marriage and could care less about trying to save it.

Peter is frustrated they have not had a date in a year, and Cynthia is pissed off he left her agency opening without telling her.  Cynthia thinks they don’t communicate well and no matter what she says, he disagrees.  He’s got a huge chip on his shoulder and it is very unattractive.

It’s sad because she is trying to make things better and he is telling her she can get out the marriage if it’s not what she wants, because he is not changing and he is happy with who he is.  I think he is handsome but just don’t get the appeal of this man.  He is dragging her down.

Kim is still setting up her new house and she is so pretentious and over the top that I just don’t think she is fun or cute anymore.  They are setting out her china on the table, which I don’t get.  Is it just so people can see it?  It’s gorgeous to be sure but what’s the point of having it all out?

Her older daughter Brielle is a teenager, and clearly struggling with the changes in her life.  Kim is mean to her in my opinion.  I get that she is being a pill, but where is the compassion?  Maybe they are saving it all for her new show, but this makes me not want to watch it.

Kandi is at Jo Dee Messina’s house to work on a song.  It’s sweet because while Kandi is very accomplished, she is nervous.  I don’t get Kandi doing country, but bless her for trying.  She is trying to be respectful of Jo Dee but you know she wants to speak up with her opinions.

The song is good and I think Kandi is a class act when it comes to her music career.  Not sure dildos are a class act, but when it comes to music, she’s classy.  We skip over to Ms. NeNe who is having lunch with Marlo who I still think is a man.  NeNe is my favorite and always will be.

Marlo and NeNe both look pretty.  NeNe assures her she did not mess around with Marlo’s boyfriends Charles.  They decide to ignore all the rumors and just be friends.  Then Marlo lets Nene know she hopes they real can still be friends even though she’s been arrested.

Not just arrested mind you, but arrested seven times. She even spent 6 months is county jail.  It’s an interesting story for someone who is considered a powerful socialite.  NeNe could care less and changes the subject from jail to shoes.  Who exactly labeled Marlo a socialite?

Sheree goes to Kim’s house to help her work out.  These women are not friends and this is a lame way to keep Kim included before her own show.  She complains about her kids, whines about her life, and I’m not buying it.  Just keep her out of this show already.

Apollo goes with Phaedra to see Willie, the funeral king.  He is grossed out, Phaedra is excited, and we go on a tour of the funeral parlor.  I could not do this job.  Thank God people are cut out for this work because we need them, but I’m not ever working in the funeral business.

Marlo is part of a charity event and she invites NeNe.  Is Marlo going to be the new housewife?  She looks beautiful and bless her for creating a good life for herself, but I don’t find her to be interesting.  She needs to go a little nuts to secure her spot if you ask me.

The event is about going green and Nene is hilarious.  She could care less, or even understand it, but she plays the game, plays interested, and bails. It’s too bad so many people are hating on NeNe.  She makes the show for me. If she is in a scene I am loving it and ithout her I’m bored.

Important to note that when a woman shows some earrings to NeNe, she tells her they are inspired by the Dalai Lama, and when NeNe does not seem to know who it is, Marlo let’s her know he’s the Italian.  Socialite?  Right.  NeNe books out of there.  I love me some NeNe.

Apollo goes to see Phaedra and tells her he does not want to work with dead people because it’s messing with souls.  I love this guy.  He wants to make his wife happy and it’s sweet, but he’s not into the whole dead people part.  Guess what Apollo, that’s what it’s all about baby.

Phaedra is excited to watch he husband lug around dead bodies and put them where they need to be and Apollo tells her he is not touching any dead bodies.  It’s hilarious.  Their marriage is solid, unlike Peter and Cynthia who are having a therapy session with their Pastor.

Cynthia is explaining they need communication, and Peter is fighting her on it. The Pastor is trying to help, but it’s just not happening.  They sound like spoiled brats and it’s stupid.  She calls him a dinosaur, he gets offended, and nothing about this couple makes for good television.

Cynthia is sucking the joy out of this show.  The storyline is dragging, I’m bored and I just want it to be over.  Cynthia tells Peter why she loves him, but he can’t do the same for her.  I’m surprised the Pastor does not look at Cynthia and tell her it’s hopeless and she should get out.

This show was a lot more fun when NeNe was in it more and nobody will change my mind on that.  I’m watching, and I like it, but I used to love it so it’s harder to blog about it now.  I’ll stick it out, hoping they get the magic back.  Atlanta needs a little more NeNe if they want to keep it real.