Dance Moms Recap

Oh. My. God.  This show is insane and I cannot believe that these mothers would want to be on this train wreck.  I had heard so much about it, and another blogger on Twitter told me I needed to watch.  (Ima gonna get you back Ima!)  Well I watched it, and I imagine I will ever watch it again.  By never of course I mean it is programmed into my TIVO.

Abby Lee, the woman who owns the dance studio,  is a crazy person.  I get that she produces champions, but at what price?  She is mean, abrasive, and on some kind of a weird power trip.  The way she talks to these children and their mothers is mindboggling.  She is hurtful and clearly has no kids because she does not know how to behave in front of children.

The show starts with Abby telling the girls the season is starting and they need to be focused.  One girl is there without her mother and Abby goes off.  She tells this little girl that her mothers needs to care about her and her dancing for this to work.  Reality television is making me want to hit people that I don’t even know because Abby needs a smack.

I’m not even sure what she does for these kids, other than yell at them, disrespect their mothers, and make them feel bad about themselves.  She does not choreograph, does not look like she has a dance history herself, and really is quite mean.  I know what tough love is and this is not it.  This is I will kick your ass if you don’t listen to me kind of love.

These are really young kids and that they are under this much pressure is sad.  That the mothers are so obsessed with fame for their daughters and themselves that they permit this behavior is crazy.  That they allow it to be filmed is truly horrific.  Abby Lee talks to them in a way that I do not understand.  Who puts up with this crap from anyone?

One mother works and cannot make it to a practice and Abby tells the mother her daughter is stupid and she needs to be at practices.  Apparently the kids cannot be good dancers unless their moms are sitting in a waiting room talking to each other and not even watching the kids. If anyone told me my kid was dumb I would deck them.  No questions asked.

Abby decides to have an open casting call for one more dancer to join the championship team.  There are hundreds of kids with their parents and you can smell the desperation.  There is one girl who has been dancing at the studio for 4 years and her mom is pissed she needs to audition at all and thinks her daughter should just get the spot as she’s paid her dues.

This woman is making the kids line up like they are going to slaughter and cuts them from the team.  She picks a beautiful little who is 8, but wears makeup and dance outfits that make you wonder how many pedophiles are watching.  The new mother is so excited for her and I can’t really buy into it because I am focused on the fact that her face appears to be frozen.

The mom with the kid who has been there forever goes off on Abby.  Abby tells her the girl is too tall but Mom is not backing down.  Abby suggests if the girl wants a spot on the team, the mother should but her in half so she is shorter.  This woman should not be working with children.  She should be a prison warden.  These kids need to get some support and get out.

The girl that has a working mother gets told by Abby that she wants no trouble with her mom.  Really?  She is sucking the little girl into her bitch fest and trying to put the mother against the child.  I don’t care how many championships she has, these women need to find another dance school for their kids.  Who puts their children into this type of environment?

The established moms are fighting with the new mom and it’s shameful.  The kids are more mature than the crazy stage moms.  They are more competitive than the girls and there is an underlying mean girl that you know will make them snap at any minute.  One of the teenage dancers wants to leave early for a football game, and Abby won’t let her go.

She yells at her and makes her cry.  The mother is watching her cry, yet does not go out to help her.  Make my kid cry and I am kicking your ass.  She eventually gets her kid and takes her out to the go the game.  Abby is rambling about how she is a bad mother and I wonder why she is letting a woman with no kids judge her on what kind of mother she is.

The bus is there to take them to the competition and there is a snowstorm. (The show is shot in Pittsburgh.)  The working mom comes to see her daughter off on the bus and it’s sad.  She clearly struggles with her choices, but supports her family and does the best she can.  She goes out in the snow to tell Abby she is not going on the trip and Abby is disgusting.

She shuts her window and leaves the mother to talk to her through a closed window in the snow, I would have pulled my kid off of that bus.  Where are the balls on these women?  On the bus, the new mom gives Abby a present and all the other mothers clearly hate her now.  They hated her from the beginning, but now hate and jealously are colliding.

The competition happens and the girls all do great.  They look so little to me that the competition and coaching become even more offensive. The dance outfits on these little girls are horrible.  They are trying to make them look like women and it is very upsetting.  They are only children and they should look like children not drag queens. Who thinks this is okay?

One little girl wins a ribbon and says she did not want to let her fans down. Really?  Another little girls starts to cry because she is on probation as the new girl, and gets yelled at that she is acting like a baby.  She’s a child moron.  Why can’t kids cry?  Who is this woman? That this show make it to a second season is sad for humanity.

It’s time for the group dance and the girls are dressed as dolls and dancing to a song called “I’m a sexy girl.”  THEY ARE CHILDREN and this is not okay. They win first place yet Abby is screaming at them that they suck.  The girls look miserable, the moms look bitter, and Abby looks like a loser.  Everyone is yelling at each other IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN.

I’m not sure if I will watch Dance Moms again, but I am absolutely certain I will not blog about it again.  These mothers are pathetic, Abby Lee is a tyrant, and these little girls have a 50/50 shot of making a living on a pole just so they can dance while getting away from their mothers.  This show is a big, hot, disgusting heap of not keeping it real.