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Jewish groups putting up a fight against growing opioid epidemic

by Ben Sales, JTA

5 hours ago

Eve Goldberg, whose son died of an opioid overdose in 2013, now runs an organization in his memory that seeks to create a community of young adults recovering from addiction. Ben Sales

Eve Goldberg’s son, Isaac, was in a panic. He had to get out of college.

Isaac Goldberg Volkmar had been at the University of... read full article

  • 9 Jewish LGBTQ activists you should know

    by Gabe Friedman, JTA

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    New York City’s gay pride parade on Sunday was full of highlights. The NBA and WNBA became the first professional sports leagues to march. A...

  • Shopping: Tap into your youth

    by Julie Bien

    1 day ago

    Sixty may be the new 40, but many boomers may feel even younger. Good thing there’s an array of DIY projects, crafts and tech toys that will take adults...

  • Boomer reboot

    by Cyndi Bemel

    1 day ago

    The panoramic view from Cheryl Hiltzik’s home studio, high in the Burbank hills, is spectacular. It’s no wonder it’s a big source of daily inspiration...

  • Exercises for boomers (and why they’re so important)

    by Claudia Boyd-Barrett

    4 days ago

    A year and a half ago, Elliott Haimoff could barely walk down the street without losing his breath. He weighed 285 pounds and, as a busy documentary...

  • The ‘Boomer Rebellion’

    Rekindling our radical spirit to reclaim our generation

    4 days ago

    My grandparents never lived to reach the age of 64, as I recently did. They were dead in their 50s, murdered by chopped liver, corned beef, kishke and...

  • Cures for age-old problems

    by Nancy Sokoler Steiner

    4 days ago

    When it comes to the health of boomers — those born between 1946 and 1964 —  there’s both bad news and good. The bad news is that, try as we might, this...

  • Mom, Dad: Welcome home — to Israel

    by Michele Chabin

    4 days ago

    When Shoshanah Kahn, now 57, made aliyah from the United States with her husband and children 24 years ago, her parents were an active Los Angeles-based...

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