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YULA students pair with Arab teens to tour Holy Land

by Maggie Milstein

1 day ago

From left, YULA students Mana Shalikar and Miriam Waghalter help volunteer at a second-hand store in Karmiel. Photos by Zvi Smith

Rachel Dahan remembered being nervous about meeting the four Arab-Israeli girls who would be among her traveling companions this... read full article

  • Program aims to improve Hebrew education by focusing on teachers

    by Arnee Winshall

    1 day ago

    For years, many graduates of Jewish day schools around the world — and their parents — have expressed disappointment in their level of Hebrew...

  • What Jewish schools are teaching in sex ed

    by Suzanne Pollack, Washington Jewish Week

    1 day ago

    Just because Judaism permits sex only within the confines of marriage doesn’t mean all Jewish day schools avoid teaching how to put on a condom or what...

  • Brand-new labs, advanced equipment prep students for sci-tech careers

    by Elyse Glickman

    1 day ago

    While Jewish day schools across Los Angeles have always tried to keep children and teens rooted in their ancient faith, new programs are now helping...

  • Cool clothes for chilly weather

    by Julie Bien

    2 days ago

    Class has been in session for a while now, but that doesn’t mean your back-to-school shopping is over. Outfit your daughter for fall with some of these...

  • Fast food: Why do Americans rush meals?

    by Abigail Carroll, Zocalo Public Square

    5 days ago

    American eaters, they’re like a pack of animals, hustling dinner in 10 minutes or less. It sounds like a recent complaint, but in fact it comes from...

  • Let us now praise Israeli coffee

    by Ben Sales, JTA

    5 days ago

    In Israel, American stores dot shopping malls and McDonald’s branches proliferate. But one chain you won’t see is Starbucks.

    Starbucks has franchises...

  • Everyone wants art on their cappuccino

    by Viva Sarah Press, Israel21c

    1 week ago

    Hearts, leaves and swirls “drawn” by talented baristas on the frothy layer of cappuccinos have long wowed customers. But a machine called the Ripple...

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