Twitter: Trolls, Imposters, Hate, Love & Crazy

Twitter is an interesting thing. By interesting of course I mean it is like a heroin addiction in that once you start, you cannot stop and an intervention of some kind is required.  I actually love Twitter and have really wonderful “followers” who come on Twitter to not only read my blogs, but interact with me.  I try to respond to as many people as I can and we have a lot of fun.

I have spoken to some of my followers on the phone, met some in person, and also stay in touch with a lot of them by email.  For every wonderful person I have met through Twitter, there are about 10 others who are crazy. By crazy of course I mean they are mentally unstable and spend a lot of time trolling Twitter to stir the pot with a lot of hate. Many times to me.

What is so interesting is the people who get a thrill out of impersonating me on Twitter. They are always mad about something I have written about reality TV. Fascinating how a genre of TV that specializes in crazy inspires so much crazy.  People use my name and my picture to try to hurt me, attack those who follow me, and comment unkindly about my faith.

My Twitter account is @ILANA_ANGEL. There are a lot of imposter accounts and other ones there just to hate me. Today new accounts appeared with the names @JJPennySaver and @JewishJournalin. They are vile and clearly we are dealing with geniuses who have a lot of time on their hands. They will eventually be suspended but that doesn't make it better.

These accounts turned up today using the picture I have posted with this blog. This is actually a lovely picture of me that my son took.  They pulled it off my Twitter and added some artistic flair by turning me into Satan, which is comical on some level with my being an Angel and all.  It hurts my feelings of course, makes me angry, but mostly I feel bad my son will see it.

One woman in particular who is very angry with me is on Twitter as MaryMac_III.  “Mary” is a person who tweeted she has been after me for years and as an attorney, she will sue me if I ever write about her because she is a private citizen.  Here’s the thing “Mary”, when you post crap on my Twitter, which is public, you are public. Want to talk about it “Mary”?

Anyone can go onto my Twitter account and see what Mary writes about me. Today alone Mary has tweeted over 200 times either to me or about me.Yesterday it was 359.  Not sure what kind of lawyer she is that she has time to obsess this way.  Maybe she is a lawyer in the Land of Oz?  Perhaps an attorney for the County of Patron?  The point is she has declared war.

“Mary” went from feeling rather confident in her attacks on me yesterday, to a little back peddling today.  Perhaps she is nervous, scared, or confused. The bottom line is that she is, in my humble opinion, obsessed with me. Rather than simply not read my blogs, she not only reads them, but trolls my Twitter timeline and comments on everything I write.  It is creepy.

There is a rather large group of accounts that like to write really horrible things about me.  You can check my timeline out and see them all, out in the open, in a public forum just like this. They comment on my every move to their rather small group of followers. They are there, in all their glory, acting like a bunch of fools, talking about me and my followers.

I am not an attorney, but I am not sure one can claim to be a private citizen, and therefore be excluded from my writing about them, if they are going to insist on writing about me in a public forum. I would suggest to “Mary” that if she finds me so upsetting, just stop reading my blog and tweets, and move on because I am just doing my job, and will continue to do so.

I would have quit Twitter long ago if it were not for my amazing followers. They make me laugh, inspire me, kick me in the ass when I need it, trust me with their secrets, appreciate my voice, and understand my Keeping the Faith blog is about me personally, while my Keeping it Real blog is about things that are not real, but just fake TV for our entertainment.

“Mary” will write my editor and demand that this blog be removed, she will send a threatening letter to the Jewish Journal, all their board members and advertisers, insisting I be fired. In the end it is really quite simple. Stop writing about me in a public forum, and it will be done.  It’s not brain surgery “Mary”, it is simply time for you grow up and keep it real.