Matt Lauer is Not Welcome in My Home

I have been a loyal viewer of The Today Show for years.  I loved Katie and Bryant, switched to Katie and Matt, and have hung on while Matt went through Meredith, Anne, and now Savannah.  For the last couple of years however, I realize that I watched out of habit, not because I loved it.

I always thought I loved Matt and he could pull it off with anyone, but the truth is Matt is not that great.  He has a holier than thou attitude and can be rather rude. Particularly to his co-anchor.  I’ve never been a fan of Al Roker and the news desk is the same no matter who reports.

In the end Matt Lauer has sucked the joy out of this show and while Anne Curry was a huge mistake, Savannah is no better.  At the end of the day The Today Show has lost it’s appeal, I am now watching Good Morning America, and do not ever tune into The Today Show anymore.

GMA is not perfect, but George and Robin are very good together and the people filling in for Robin while she takes medical leave are not nearly as bad as Anne Curry was.  Lara Spencer is painfully annoying but I can overlook her easily as she is not that memorable and not offensive.

Yesterday my son came into my office and noticed I was watching GMA. He said he never saw me watch that show in the morning and I told him I was done with Today and had switched.  He surprisingly then went on a rant about how happy he is I switched because he hates Matt Lauer.

He went on and on about how lame Matt was, that Matt has ruined his life, and he will never forgive him for what he did.  It was all rather entertaining since I had no idea what he was talking about or why he felt so strongly about a morning television personality. 

Years ago Matt did a story about germs and it freaked me out.  He is open about his fear of germs and while I was always freaked out by germs, his story put me over the edge and shoes were no longer allowed to be worn in my home.  My kid blames Matt Lauer and I guess that makes sense.

I have this thing about not wearing shoes in the house.  It grosses me out to think about all the germs and nastiness that come into my home on the bottom of our shoes, so they are left at the front door.  It drives my kid nuts that he can’t wear shoes in the house, and he blames Matt.

I’m sure Matt is a lovely guy.  Well not really, but at the end of the day, it does not matter. Matt Lauer is not welcome in my home and this is how we roll.  I will perhaps get my kid some of those medical booties to clip on over his shoes, and as for GMA, I’m tuning in and keeping the faith.