My Love Affair With Honey Boo Boo

I love the television show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”. I watch it, record it, and watch it again when I need a good laugh or a simple pleasure. This show is joyous. Regardless of what you think about these people and this show, you cannot watch it and not see the love in this family.

They are not on television to be an example of what life in Georgia is like, or what pageant mothers are like, or what is involved in terms of the emotional toll pageants take on a little girl. They are on television to show us what love looks like. They love each other and you can truly feel it.

The entire family is very compelling. They are irreverent, uninhibited, crass, vulgar, funny, kind, tolerant, ballsy, and real. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo may not be the Cosby Show, but they are just as important, just as entertaining, and just as relevant in terms of pop culture.  A lot of people are watching this family each week.

Alana/Smoochie/Honey Boo Boo is a lovely little girl. She is 7 years old and thankfully she acts like a 7 year old. She is a child and her parents allow her to be one, which is so important. She is not trying to be a grown up, she just wants to be a princess and I want her have that dream.

June/Mama is a darling woman. She is a little rough around the edges and her manners are a little lacking in terms of bodily functions, but I love her. She adores her children, supports their dreams, and wishes for them all that they wish for themselves and more. She is a great mom.

Mike/Sugar Bear, loves his wife, loves his daughter, and loves his stepdaughters as if they were his own. This man supports his family, supports their dreams, and takes pleasure out of their successes. He is a wonderful father and I admire how comfortable he is in his own skin.

Anna/Chickadee, Jessica/Chubbs, and Lauryn/Pumpkin are the three older daughters and they are an integral part of the family dynamic. This is not a show about a little pageant queen wannabe. It is about a family that sticks together and live a close and connected life.

Many have called the show controversial, while others have labeled it exploitive. To those people I would suggest that they watch it again. It is not a documentary on American life. It is a reality show about a real family and if you remove your judgment, you will enjoy the ride.

This show is a fun romp because they don’t take themselves too seriously. They do however take their lives seriously, and you can see it. They are proud and should not hide because we have not seen anyone like them before. Instead of making fun of them, have fun with them.

To be clear, they are not for everyone and I get some of the criticism, but come on people, this is not PBS. It is TLC and it is fun television. It is real life and in an era of scripted reality TV, it is refreshing. Watch this show. Maybe you’ll learn a little something about keeping it real.