LeAnn Rimes Crosses a Line

I am not a fan of LeAnn Rimes.  I enjoy her older music and there is no denying she used to be a talented singer, but as a woman, I have no respect for her. LeAnn Rimes is young.  I was not nearly as dumb or immature at 31 that she is, but still, she is young and her dysfunctional childhood has clearly stunted her development. In my opinion, she is desperate for love and attention.  She is willing to have anyone love her and will do anything to get that love.  I understand she met a married man and fell in love with him. It happens all the time and the fact is many famous women have done the same thing and do not face the palpable hatred directed at Rimes.

Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Elizabeth Taylor, and Camilla Parker Bowles all had affairs with married men who they then married themselves. You would be hard pressed to find the level of hatred Rimes gets, or the length of time the hate has been directed to her. The hate does not come from her affair. That does not inspire hate as much as disappointment. The hate comes from the way Rimes has handled herself since her affair. She is rude, mean, selfish, vindictive, and vicious. That is why people hate her.  She is also delusional about her role as the wife of a man with children. She is simply too selfish to put herself in the shoes of a mother.

I write the truth about LeAnn Rimes because nobody else does.  I write things about her that are proven, often in her own words.  I have said before, and will say again, when she drops her lawsuit against Kim and Lexi Smiley, I will stop writing about her.  I will continue to support the Smiley family in any way I can.  Yesterday things took an interesting turn.  LeAnn has written that she pays no attention to me, does not read my blogs, does not follow my tweets, and does not check my Facebook.  The letters from her lawyer and publicist would indicate otherwise.  She is a nasty and vindictive woman and yesterday I believe she was an anti-Semite.

It is a strong and ugly accusation to be sure, but it is my belief.  Her followers went to town on me yesterday.  The level of hate and mockery of my faith was heartbreaking.  I don’t care if people talk about my writing, or my looks, but when they talk about my faith I will not look away.  As a Jew I am painfully aware of the history of my people and what can happen when people look away.  Dramatic?  No.  Do not talk about my faith. Make fun of my faith, or the history of my people and know I am coming. I will not stand for it.  When LeAnn’s fans were writing anti-Semitic things to me she read, responded to them with love and kindness, and never said stop.

Calling LeAnn Rimes a home wrecker, is simply fact.  Calling her a liar, is simply fact.  Calling her a bully, is simply fact.  I am not harassing her, I am talking about what she does, with proof, and I write about it because she is in the public eye and that is what I do.  I have never once spoken of her faith.  In fact, if anyone ever writes something unflattering to me about faith, regardless of the religion, I will immediately say it is wrong and block that person from contacting me.  I am a practicing Jew and as a woman of faith I believe in God, regardless of what people call him. Hate is taught and when you see it, and do nothing, you are teaching hate.  Period.

It is time for LeAnn Rimes to grow up.  When her fans wore t-shirts that were derogatory to the mother of her husband’s children, she congratulated them and allowed them to be worn in front of the children.  When her fans wrote hateful things about my religion, she showed them love.  What is wrong with this woman?  Too many things to talk about and I am not a doctor.  What I am is a Jew.  I am a proud Jew who is so firmly rooted in my religion that I am able to appreciate and have an open heart to other religions.  God is good and this hurts not only me, but my God. To Ms. Rimes, I suggest you take a look at yourself and start keeping the faith.