Polarizing Politics is More Fun Than Watching Miley Cyrus

I am sick of all the attention Miley Cyrus is getting for acting like a moron. Her appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards was embarrassing, ridiculous, offensive, degrading, and simply not entertaining.  The poor girl is a mess and watching her self-destruct is sad. The fact is that Amanda Bynes mental breakdown on Twitter was more fun than Miley, and that is sad.

I told my son I could not watch her performance one more time without wanting to impale myself or swallow glass, and he said he was going to send me a video to watch that he was certain I would love.  Now, my son sends me videos most everyday.  They are usually some idiot kid failing at a stunt, cats playing the piano and drums, or clips from Japanese game shows.

I have nightmares about my kid trying to leap over a car from a skateboard, or I have some insane tune stuck in my head with visions of a cat in a tuxedo, or my dreams appear with Japanese subtitles.  The point is that the videos he sends me are more annoying than entertaining and although some make me laugh, I could do without having seen most of them.

Tonight however, my son sent me a video that I truly love.  Seriously, I love it.  I write a lifestyle column about my worldview as a single mom living, working, and dating in Los Angeles.  I also write about reality television.  I like to leave political writing to political writers.  Though I have on occasion crossed the line and written about politics, it is not often.

This video is brilliant, and in my making that statement I will define myself politically.  I could say I just think it is entertaining and clever without picking a side, but we all know that would be a lie.  I love it because it is how I feel about these people.  Judge if you must, and attack if you feel the need, but watch the video because it is really that good.

I like to talk about politics, and learn about politics. Nothing is more stimulating than being able to talk about American politics with people who are passionate, from both sides, and speak to teach, not preach. I do not like to write about politics because it makes people mean, but I am posting this anyway, waiting for the attacks, and keeping the faith.