Mob Wives – Week 2 Recap

This week picks up at Renee’s Birthday / Celebration of Life party and before we even get started, I am sad it’s going to be over in an hour.  I could watch these women all day.  They are fascinating, entertaining, funny, endearing, beautiful and scary as hell.  I love this show.

Important to note it’s not just the ladies that make this show so great. The music is another character, and whoever is picking the soundtrack is a genius.  I look forward to watching like I used to count down to The Soprano’s.  It is my guilty pleasure and I am hooked.

Drita is upset there is so much tension between herself and Karen.  BigAng goes to check on her and Drita tells her she will talk to Karen if Ang gets her.  Karen comes out and Drita is very nice. She is talking calmly and rationally and sincerely wants to make things better with Karen.

I like Drita and think she is a loyal friend.  Karen is a fame seeker who is so aware of the camera and trying look like a hard ass, she ends up looking a little fake.  Drita is saying they are friends, they flashback to Drita saying they were never friends, it’s out of context and total bull.

Karen plays into it and tells the cameras that Drita is lying, meanwhile inside the party Ang is talking to Ramona who I think is a troublemaker.  I think last year nobody knew how the show would turn out, and now that it’s a hit, Ramona is shoving herself in to get a piece of the pie.

BigAng is saying it’s nice they are fixing things, we see Drita trying to make things better, and listen to Ramona trying to sound scary.  Karen and Ramona are Mob Wives wannabes.  They want to be Drita and Renee and it’s never going to happen.  Karen set Drita up and it’s just not cool.

Drita is talking nicely and Karen is just looking for a fight.  Drita is trying to defuse the situation but Karen is pushing for a fight.  You can see Drita start to feel uneasy and you know something bad is going to happen. Ang is hoping for the best, Ramona is willing the worse, and punches fly.

Karen tells Drita she talks herself out of coming to her house to get her, and Drita lets us know if you come to your house she will take a wrench to your throat.  Ramona comes out to desperately get camera time and it’s all over.  The fight is on and it’s difficult to watch.  It’s real hitting!

Derek Tobacco steps in to help Drita.  That was not typo, his name is Derek Tobacco.  I’m dying it’s so good.  Renee is pissed off these girls are ruining her party and heads out to make it end.  Ramona is screaming that her bloody mouth is because Derek hit her and she is pissed off.

Karen is pissed Derek hit Ramona and they are both going to kill him.  Drita is mad at Renee because she feels set up, but Renee is not leaving Drita and wants to help her get out.  Drita is in the car with Renee and Renee wants to know what the hell is going on.  I’m sad for Renee.

Renee is the Queen to me and I am pissed off her party is ruined. Karen is talking crap to Big Ang and playing it up for the cameras which erases her credibility.  Renee is assuring Drita she did not set her up and says she’s rather have celebrated by herself in the hospital.

It’s a big mess and really difficult to watch.  Everyone has their own side of the story and we’ll never know what really went down, but from what I can tell, Drita tried to make peace, Karen can’t let the past go, Renee is the leader, Karen wishes she was Renee, and Ramona is ridiculous.

Derek comes back to the party to let everyone know he never hit Ramona and the fighting starts again.  Junior is there and with an open case with the Feds, he needs to get out.  Sidebar: I just wrote open case with the Feds and it was serious!  I love this show so much.  Seriously love it.

Now the men are all involved and I’m not totally clear on what is happening but I think they are pissed off that Derek hit a woman, although he insists he did not.  Junior is looking to get Derek, Renee is screaming for him to stop, their son AJ is also there, and it’s all quite sad.

Sidebar:  For the mob, being in the wrong place at the wrong time can have a domino effect and many lives are changed.  It’s fascinating to be sure, but I find I have compassion for these women in a way that surprises me.  They are tough because they need to be.

Ang is telling her friend what happened at the party and she is upset her telling Karen to talk to Drita backfired.  Carla is calling everyone to see what happened because she was not invited, yet she can’t reach anyone.  It’s the talk of the town.

Ramona confirms that it was not Derek that hit her, but rather Drita. Everyone is talking about the party and Karen seems to be the only one who does not care that ruined Renee’s party.  I’m not one to pick sides, but come on Karen.  This was all you and admitting it would be a nice thing.

Carla goes over to Drita’s house to hear what happened.  Drita has a banged up eye and feels bad about the party being ruined.  She wishes she had not gone because she put herself in an environment that made her uncomfortable.  Drita is venting and I don’t trust Carla.

Drita feels set up and in terms of hitting Karen or Ramona again, she is going to use a wrench from now on so she doesn’t need to get her hands dirty. Drita cracks me up.  Of course I am laughing with her, not at her.  This girl is hardcore but also sweet. I am scared of her but want to hug her too.

Karen’s dad was a snitch and she is so desperate to not be defined by him that I feel bad for her.  Meanwhile Junior is going to his sentencing and Renee is praying it goes well.  I wish Renee and Junior would get married again.  She clearly loves him and I think they belong together.

Junior cops a plea and it went well.  He will sere 15 to 21 months, but won’t have to go for another 6 months.  Junior and Renee go for a walk and he tells her how scary her surgery was for him. He says he loves her, is in love with her, and wants for them to try to be together again.

I think we’ve reached a point in our relationship of blogger and reader where I can share with you that I cried.  I really like Renee and if Junior makes her happy then I want that for her.  If he stop cheating she’s in, and so they will give it a go.  Good for her, good for him, good for AJ.

This show does not disappoint and following the women on Twitter is cool, especially while the show is airing.  If you have not seen it, I highly recommend that you give it a shot.  It is the most unusual reality show as it may be the only one that is actually keeping it real.