LA Rain, Road Rage & Special Driving Permits

It rained in Los Angeles today. I had errands to run and so driving was unavoidable. The simple fact is that when it rains in Los Angeles, the city falls apart.  Nobody knows how to drive to begin with, so a small amount of rain causes bad drivers to lose their minds.

At one point today however, it was a torrential downpour and a woman driving in front of me seemed to think it was raining acid. She was going about 10 miles an hour and had her hazard lights flashing. It would have been funny if it wasn't so annoying.

When it is raining in LA you can immediately tell who is from here, and who came here from a place with real weather. Southern California natives stick out like a sore thumb. They do not know how to handle their vehicles in even the lightest of rain.

Personally, I could be a New York City cab driver. I am a fearless driver and able to handle all kinds of weather. I grew up in Canada and learned to drive in the snow. Driving is a privilege and if you suck at it, you shouldn't be given a driver's license.

There should be two types of driver’s licenses. One for people to drive in dry weather, and one for the rain. Everyone takes two tests. Pass one and you can only drive in good weather, pass them both and you also get driving privileges in the rain. Makes perfect sense.

It is dangerous to have bad drivers on the road in the rain. Dangerous for the bad drivers, good drivers, and anyone who comes in contact with my road rage. Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers and keeping the faith.