Amber Marchese of RHONJ Needs a Blogging Lesson

I had an unfortunate exchange with Amber Marchese from the Real Housewives of New Jersey this week. I clarify she is on RHONJ because otherwise nobody would know who she is.  She is a new cast member, survivor of breast cancer, mother of two, stepmother of an additional two, college graduate, aspiring actress, fame whore, and moron.

She is mad at me because I wrote a recap of RHONJ and she didn’t like how I viewed her. She decided to take to Twitter and let her followers, many of which she purchased, know I was some miserable blogger and she pays no mind to what I say. She then proceeded to tweet me incessantly. She frankly seems a little obsessed with me.

That she continues to engage this morning is fascinating. She says I'm nobody, yet every tweet that comes through about me, she responds to rather unkindly. To be fair, I have not been kind in my responses to her either. I told her to F off. A couple of times. Not nice and I apologize. It was silly, but more importantly it was over her head.

Turns out that even though Amber went to college, she is not very bright. She seems to think when you go on a reality show and open your life for everyone to see, only the people who like you are able to comment about you. If someone turns out to not be a fan, they simply won’t write about you. Her stupidity is almost charming.

Blogging is about having an opiinion and not eveyone will agree or think my blog is good, entertaining, or funny. They are however free to read it or not. Amber doesn't get to decide what is written about her. For example, I think Amber is a tool and there is nothing she can do to stop me from sharing that opinion on my blog.

Amber is obviously not familiar with my work and that is ok, but proclaiming it has no value was probably not the way to go. Instead of my simply recapping RHONJ, I am taking time to point out I think this woman is an idiotic fame whore. Maybe it is best if Amber doesn't pick fights with bloggers because no good will come of that.

Amber’s husband Jim lies about being a lawyer but I'm sure he'll be offended by my blog and threaten legal action, which we learned from the show he likes to do. I suggest Amber reach out to LeAnn Rimes as her attorney has my contact information and I'm sure he'll share it. Amber and LeAnn might even become stepmom best friends!

On RHONJ Amber speaks a lot about being a survivor of cancer. It is wonderful and brave. I'm happy for her and her young children she beat cancer’s ass. I wrote however that not everything needs to be compared to having cancer. She makes everything on the show somehow about surviving cancer. Everything.

If Dina had a headache, Amber had cancer. If Melissa lost someone to cancer, Amber survived it. It Teresa is worried about legal troubles, it feel exactly the same way as having cancer. At some point someone needs to tell this chick to shut up with the comparisons. That someone was me, it made Amber angry, and she went to Twitter.

According to Amber I'm just a stupid blogger. The truth is I am a talented writer and blogging about TV is only part of what I do. I'm not sitting in my basement pretending to be a writer. It is actually what I do, how I make my living, and is read by a lot of people. I certainly don’t need to justify my work to this moron so we can move on.

The truth is there was a lot of pressure on RHONJ to deliver good TV because we've been watching a lot of crap the past few seasons. They thankfully got rid of Caroline and her children, brought back Dina, and three new cast members. Amber, along with twin sisters Teresa and Nicole. None of them are really working out for fans.

The twins are harmless and sweet. They don’t really have a storyline, other than one getting divorced and her ex-husband sleeping with their mom. It’s just gossip, from none other than Victoria Gotti, but still sad. They went on a show that shines light on skeletons in your closet, which was probably not a good idea on their part.

Amber’s husband Jim may be the most unlikeable man on reality TV. Jim and Amber are sucking the joy out of RHONJ and I wrote as much. If I am just a stupid blogger why is Amber so concerned with what I say? It makes no sense really, which is understandable when dealing with an idiot and her idiotic husband.

We are watching scripted soap operas with really bad actresses. My blog is not curing cancer, but it is entertaining and an interesting take on reality TV. It is not for everyone. The good news is there are a lot of blogs to choose from and if mine is not your cup of tea, I can guarantee you’ll find one that is and I am not offended if you pass on mine.

Amber’s fans were quick to call me mean. I am not mean. I am honest and only sharing my opinions, not those of the entire world. Don’t like my opinion, don’t read my blog and don’t follow me on Twitter. Amber is in for a rude wakening if she thinks she can be on reality TV and piss off all the bloggers who don’t think she is fabulous.

I won't stop writing about RHONJ and won't stop pointing out Amber is a fame whore who is looking to latch onto the coattails of Teresa Guidice, unless of course she stops latching on. Amber should be a one season addition to RHONJ. That is just my opinion. Not as a writer or stupid blogger, but as a fan who watches along with everyone.

As a viewer with an opinion I will again say I think Amber Marchese is an idiot who needs an ego check. Nobody is as invested in her as she seems to think, and once she is off the show we will all forget about her. Maybe Amber should frame this blog because the mentions of her in the media are not going to happen for much longer.

If my blog offends, don’t read it. If my blog makes you laugh, then thanks for reading. To Amber, in the end the message I have for you is a simple one. F off. That doesn’t make me mean, it simply means I want you to F off. Congrats on embarrassing yourself by showing us how stupid you are. You really are  keeping it real.