Where is justice for Alfred Wright?

I have been writing about the murder of Alfred Wright for months. The death of this man in Jasper, Texas has haunted me. I do not understand why there have been no arrests in what can only be described as a modern day lynching. For this murder to still be unsolved is a grave injustice. There is a cover up happening with local law enforcement, which has been obvious from the moment Alfred went missing. This was a racial killing and people know what really happened.

I received word this evening from Alfred’s sister Annilia that tomorrow, August 8, 2014, there will be an indictment of a young black man by the name of Shane Hadnot, a reported drug dealer, for the death of Alfred Wright. Law enforcement will explain that because Mr. Hadnot sold drugs to Alfred which caused him to overdose and die, he is responsible for his death. This is a shameful attempt to make this case go away and to protect the people who murdered this young father of three children.

The toxicology report that was arranged by local law enforcement said Alfred died of a drug overdose. The family had an autopsy done and learned Alfred’s tongue was cut out, his eyes were gouged out, his throat was slit, and his ear was cut off. He had missing teeth, missing fingernails, and there were signs of violence and torture. Mr. Wright was missing for 18 days after police called off the search for him, only to then have the family find him where the police said they searched.

The Wright family questioned how it was possible these things happened to Alfred, yet the cause of death was an overdose. Alfred’s mother asked the medical examiner if he was implying Alfred slit his own throat, cut his off his own ear, knocked out his own teeth, and cut out his own tongue. She was told they were caused by “animal activity”, which is absurd. The animals who did this to Alfred Wright are alive and well, and getting away with murder. Where is the justice for Alfred?

This is a sad day in the state of Texas, and for America, that in 2014, the justice system is willing to cover up an obvious hate crime in which a young black man was the victim of a modern day lynching, and another young black man is set up to take the fall. There is no evidence putting Mr. Hadnot at the scene of the crime. This is a cover up of murder and my heart breaks for the loss of the Wright family. They are being disrespected and told their beloved son’s murder doesn't matter.

I pray this is not the end of the story. There must be someone who is brave enough to step forward and do the right thing for this young man, his wife, kids, parents, and siblings.  Martin Luther King said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” We must unite our voices and demand this investigation not be closed and the murderers of Alfred Wright be found. The truth in this case is long overdue and the Department of Justice cannot let this be the final outcome.

I did not know Alfred Wright and only learned of his murder when his brother mentioned him while auditioning for American Idol. I have followed his story, spoken to his family, and refuse to believe this is it. I will pray someone comes forward and justice is served. I pray not only for Alfred and his family, but for all of us if this is the America we live in. To the entire Wright family, I am sorry. Please know there are people who stand by you in the pursuit of truth and we are all keeping the faith.