NYC, Subway Rats, Hamptons, JetBlue, Israel & Home Sweet Home

I spent last weekend in New York City and it was perfect. I love New York and it holds many memories for me. I've spent a lot of time there over the years and never been bored or disappointed. I have a lot of stories from each visit and last weekend was no exception. From the moment I arrived my collection of memories grew and I’d like to share a few.

I landed at 6:00 am and had a meeting on the Upper East Side at 10:00. I was not 100% ready for my meeting so by the time I got my luggage and into town it was 7:00 and instead of meeting friends for breakfast, I decided to hunker down at a Starbucks by my appointment and prepare for my meeting. I got in line to grab a cup of coffee.

As I stood in line with my suitcase, I noticed a man checking me out. I flew all night but my hair was blown out and I was wearing jeans that made my ass look fabulous. We made eye contact and smiled, then he asked how long I was in town. I told him for the weekend and he asked if I'd like to grab dinner. This only happens in NYC!

I thanked him for the offer and said I wouldn’t have time. He then asked me for my phone number. I responded by pointing out he had a nice wedding ring. He said I was funny and explained the ring served as a reminder to wear a condom. I said he was a douchebag. He gave me his card and said to call. I had met a real life NYC subway rat.

In retrospect I wish I had kept the card and tortured the poor son of a bitch.  I sat at Starbucks preparing for the meeting, watching people come and go, and enjoying a beautiful New York morning. I went to my meeting, which was amazing, and then headed to the Hamptons. It was my first time and let me just say I am supposed to live there.

The Hamptons is spectacular. The beaches are perfect, sand is glorious, weather is beautiful, and the people are lovely. I had great food, way too much to drink, and got accustomed to a life I would like to become accustomed to. I am quite certain that God wants me to live in the Hamptons full time. I’m going to get right on that plan.

We stayed in a gorgeous compound with all the amenities you can imagine, except cell service. You'd think all the rich people could pitch in and get a cell tower. It was nice in that is allowed me to rest and go off the grid, but when you're there for work, not having a connection is stressful. All I could do to ease my stress was drink, drink, and drink.

I can’t talk about my weekend and not mention JetBlue. I flew out of Burbank airport, which is heaven. It is small and the people who work there lack the bitterness and anger of those who work at LAX. I arrived with only an hour to spare and managed to check a bag, get through security, stop to get a drink and magazine, all in 15 minutes.

On the way there I sat with a couple of young kids who were headed for 2 days of fun in New York before going to Israel on a Birthright trip. They were 19 and 20 and darling. Both a little nervous about the current situation in Israel, but excited about their trip. We spoke of my experiences in Israel and we had a wonderful time together.

They said it was a stroke of luck we sat together and for a plane with hundreds of people to have us next to each other was a blessing. I eased their worry and when we landed they were kind and generous of spirit. It made me happy and I was excited for them. Things have escalated since they arrived in Tel Aviv and they are in my prayers.

Sidebar: I support Israel and am of the belief that those who do not support her right to not only exist, but defend herself, simply do not understand what is really happening there. I have family in Israel and they're in my thoughts and prayers today and everyday. My hope for Israel is that people educate themselves so they know the truth.

On the way back, it was a little different. I was ready to leave the city at 3:00 for a 5:40 flight. I checked the status of my plane and was told it was on time. I headed to JFK only to find out when I got there that the flight was delayed two hours. I was annoyed. If I knew 30 minutes earlier I would have met up with friends for a quick drink.

It turns out the plane was coming from Florida, where there was bad weather. I’m not sure why they waited to update the status. They knew long before 3:00 the flight was late, yet they didn’t say so. I sat in JFK for 2 hours, only to get on the plane and sit on the tarmac for 30 minutes. Very frustrating when you want to get home.

I asked 3 flight attendants for a bottle of water and it took 25 minutes to get one. I paid 5 dollars for a blanket that was make out of tissue, and when I bought a cheese plate it was hot and inedible. That aside, the captain was lovely and updated us on the situation. The crew dealt with some cranky people and a crying baby, but kept smiling.

I could never be a flight attendant. These people put up with a lot of crap and I think this crew handled it wonderfully. The next day I received an email from JetBlue offering me a $50 gift certificate as a thank you  for flying with them. I didn't write to complain, they sent it to everyone on the flight and I think that is great. Bravo JetBlue.

My kid stayed alone for the weekend and was thrilled to not have me checking in all the time. I didn’t tell him when I was coming back so he stayed on his toes and could not get too crazy because I could walk in at any moment. He had a great weekend and I returned home to no surprises, which was good. Best I don’t know everything.

It is wonderful to come home. I got back at almost midnight and just walked around looking at my things, grateful to have such a lovely place to come home to. I crawled into my bed with a smile on my face, knowing my bed will look fabulous in my new Hamptons home. Ther tuly is no place like home sweet home. Amen. 

I had a fantastic time in NYC and the Hamptons. I'm looking forward to sharing more about my weekend and am  writing about 75 Main, which is a restaurant in Southampton where magic happens. Thank you to all who made the weekend possible. I laughed, was inspired, motivated, and reminded good things come when I keep the faith.