Married to Medicine Hostage Recap

This show is tired, and so am I. It is the same thing every week and we are too smart for this. We start with Quad and Toya going to court to appear for Reco. Toya’s shoes are gorgeous but absolutely ridiculous for a day in court. She looks more like a hooker fighting a charge than a witness. Quad his talking about something she doesn't know anything about, because she was not at the fight with Reco.

Quad spends all her time talking crap about Mariah, which is both sad and transparent. She is trying to oust Mariah and it will never happen. That the other women are so stupid to believe Quad over Mariah proves that a) they really are dumb, and b) this show needs to be recast. Stat. It has been a season of fractured friendships and Mariah being out on her own. That is not what we signed up for and in the end it doesn't work.

Off to the final fitting for Lisa’s “over the top” fashion show of what appears to be rather outdated fashions. Lisa is shrieking and acting a fool about her clothes, which look like a 1980’s retro show, not a forward thinking fashion line. Dwight is there to do his thing and he looks great. Shame he follows around this loser. He should do his own thing without the little troll. I'd watch a show about Dwight doing fashion shows.

Lisa is freaked out her samples are ripping. I’m not in the fashion industry but I know what a size 4 looks like and these models are a size 4 everywhere but their asses and she should’ve known better. Dwight says Lisa never sleeps and she says she does. I know for a fact she doesn’t. She’s up all night tweeting about how mean I am for calling her an idiot. Lisa needs to be fired because she is a bore and a loser. 

Back in court, the case is dismissed. Toya and Quad are gloating while Reco is thrilled for camera time. Over to Mariah, she is disappointed but understands the judge’s perspective. Was the restraining order stupid? Yes. Was Reco ever going to attack Mariah? No. This was lame and a waste of our time. All it did was put fuel on the fire. Mariah should have just let it go and ignored the fame whore.

Mariah is at a photo shoot for her new diet supplement line Cinnamon Girl. Her mom is there talking crap, which she does well, and Mariah is talking about Reco. The other women there say the word on the street is Reco is on drugs. Ugh. Let it go and do not speak of him. He is not worth it. The photo shoot is fun, Mariah is fabulous, and if anyone watching this show thinks it can go on without Mariah, you're wrong.

We jump to Dr. Jackie who is hanging with her stepdaughter Kursten, who is a model living in NYC but in ATL to walk in Lisa’s fashion show. She is a beautiful girl. Sidebar: Does anyone else think Jackie’s office look bare? No pictures or knick-knacks, so it looks more like a fake set. Jackie is talking about not having kids, but Kursten tells her she is still like a mother to her. It is really beautiful and completely scripted. 

Mariah is having a launch party for Cinnamon Girl and inviting the entire group. She is hand-delivering invites to Simone, Jackie, and Heavenly. She is trying, bless her. I think she is wasting her time, but good for her for trying. She goes to Simone’s and they have a fun exchange. Simone is playing both sides and it is a shame. I think her intentions were good in the beginning, but ultimately she looks shady not neutral.

Simone agrees to go to the party. Simone says she is a hard ass gangster, but tells us Cecile called her out for shutting out Mariah. I love Cecile. Simone is aware of what she said, but she is changing her view. This makes me happy. Simone tells Mariah she loves her, and Mariah tells her she was hurt by what they did. She shakes it off and they pinky swear to have no more voting. I like Mariah and am proud of her.

Mariah heads to Heavenly’s house and invites her to the party. Heavenly appreciates Mariah making an effort and goes against the pact from the cabin and agrees to go. Funny how they're saying Mariah has been a great friend to them, and Quad has been talking crap about everyone. Better late than never I guess. Heavenly calls Simone and they agree to both back out of the pact and support Mariah. It is on.

It is moving day for Toya and I could not possibly care any less. Their new house is gorgeous and I'm certain they can't afford it. I predict a divorce and/or bankruptcy in their future.  Back to Simone, she is with Cecile and says they're getting back on track, as is her business. I love this couple and want them to live happily ever after. Simone tells Cecile she appreciates he was trying to help. So happy.

Simone says she is going to work on all aspects of their life together, including sex. She’s not going “downtown”, but maybe on his birthday. Oh. My. God. This couple is good TV and I'd watch a show just about them. Back to Lisa, she is showing four collections and everything is going to be perfect. Except for the clothes. Lisa’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard. How did this woman get on TV?

Time for the fashion show and the space looks amazing. Lisa didn't invite Mariah. She is on Mariah’s show and didn’t invite her? Reco is there, but no Mariah? Stupid bitch move, which makes sense since Lisa is a stupid bitch. Quad is there kissing Lisa’s ass and Reco looks like he is at his first fashion show. Isn’t he a big designer too? Poor thing is green with envy in his red suit.  Lights, camera, action.

Important to note, incase you missed it, I'm not a fan of Lisa. I think she sucks on this show, and after my interactions with her on social media, I think she sucks in real life too. Her husband is a pig and her kids will one day resent her for airing dirty laundry about their dad. That said, some of the pieces in her collection were truly beautiful. Nothing new or original, but still lovely. I give credit where credit is due.

Keri is there and we are reminded she was not particularly interesting, she is better than Toya. Everyone is having a drink and gossiping about Mariah. Everyone admits they still love Mariah and that pisses off Quad. Simone takes Quad off for a private chat. Simone tells Quad that she doesn’t actually have a beef with Mariah and she feels Quad is holding her hostage in the friendship. Finally!

What is interesting is Simone says Quad telling her she will not go to Mariah’s events she is being manipulative, but it was Simone who said at the cabin they would boycott Mariah events and not invite her to theirs. It makes one question the editing of the show more than Simone. Perhaps she's not as polarizing as we thought. Mariah wasn't in a lot of the season so perhaps yt was her choice, not theirs?

We loved this show last season and while this season is dark, we still love it. The finale and reunion will be excellent, but from where I sit I think we’ve been manipulated. I believe Simone has been more loyal than we know and Mariah wasn't there because she didn’t want to be there. Nobody makes a Queen do what a Queen does not want to do. Time will tell who on this show was actually keeping it real.