Married to Medicine: Who is Lisa Nicole Cloud?

Married to Medicine is a reality show in its second season. Lisa Nicole Cloud joined this year. I didn’t know who she was before joining the show, and if you follow her on social media, you'll see I'm not the only one. She calls herself a speaker, business mogul, business coach, fashion designer, motivational speaker, empowerer of women, TV talent, mother, and wife. A hefty list, yet I still had no idea who she was.

I appreciate Lisa went on the show to increase her recognition, and probably had dreams of greatness, but the only thing we know for sure about her is she is immature, ignorant, silly, and married to a prolific cheater. How do we know she married a man who repeatedly cheated and disrespected her? Because she told us. She herself shared he is a cheater and that she has forgiven him, over and over again.

Not only did she go on the show and tell us he cheated, a lot, she then got offended anyone had an opinion about it. Apparently in Lisa’s world, she can say what she wants but nobody can comment on it. She was so offended by my blog on the show, she took to Twitter and went after me with non-stop tweeting for hours. She tweeted throughout the night, up until 6 am, took a break for an hour, and started again.

I was on Twitter all night too. My sister lost her ex-husband to cancer last night and I stayed awake so she could call when she needed me, and I wouldn't be sleeping. She has two beautiful kids and we spoke on and off throughout the night so she wouldn't be alone. Cancer is an evil bitch and my heart breaks for my niece and nephew. I mention this because Lisa had opinions about why I was on Twitter all night.

Apparently while on Twitter from 1 – 6 am, she was “dealing with her international office”, while I was alone, bitter, and jealous of her. The woman who claims to empower women to be their best selves spent the better part of the night telling me I was evil and alone. For those of you who know me, and after six years of blogs you do, you know I'm going to give what I get, only better, so let’s go Lisa.

Since you are clearly not bright, I'll explain how reality television works, and how blogs factor into the whole thing. You go on a reality show and expose your life to the viewer. You're not an actress playing a character, but rather a real person sharing your life. We form an opinion of you as a person because we see your life. There is no place to hide, or anyone to blame for how we perceive you, but you.

You came on the show for attention and with an agenda. You also came on with Dwight as your business partner. We’ve known Dwight for years, so he made us not take you seriously. He’s been a hanger-on forever and you are the latest coattail he has latched onto. You are like Dwight in that you are willing to do anything to get on TV, but unlike Dwight, in that he is entertaining and charming. You not so much.

I’ll go slowly so you don’t get confused. You gave a pretentious and ridiculous birthday party for your daughter to show off. You left Mariah on the doorstep like she was never invited. It was rude, mean, and immature. Many people thought the same thing I did, but since I am a writer who recaps reality television, I was able to share my opinion with my readers. That’s how blogs work. You do, then I write.

Blogs help television shows. It is a forum for fans to chat and share views. We get people talking about the shows, build interest, and keep people relevant longer than they would be without our input. There are many blogs about reality TV and I happen to have a very popular one. I work hard, write with no fear, and am a fan of the genre. I write for one of the largest Jewish based news outlets in the world. I’m fancy.

I often get asked why a Jewish website would have such an abrasive blog and it makes me laugh. I could give a lot of answers, but will simply say I’m blessed to do what I do and thankful for the forward thinking men I work for, who appreciate my voice and fight for it to be heard. Reality TV is part of pop culture and there is no reason we wouldn’t have a blog like this just as Huffington Post and other news websites do.

I am proudly Jewish so before that becomes the focus, let’s move on. I am a writer. I am not on a reality show, but this is America so I am free to write opinions on any topic I want. Some agree, some don’t, but we share and it makes the very large world just a little bit smaller when we can have a dialogue on different subjects with different types of people. I welcome the feedback, good, bad, and ugly.

I have written about reality television personalities and received death threats. Reality TV brings out the best and worst in people. They become invested and take it all very personally. I’m just a fan, writing a blog about what I see. I do not comment or speculate on these people off the show, simply write about what I am shown. That brings me back to you. You seem to want to share your life, yet aren't open to feedback.

On this week’s episode of Married to Medicine, YOU said your husband had cheated several times. HE said he cheated several times. YOU said you forgave him. HE said you were happy. I didn't break the news he cheated. YOU did. I wrote about it and when you didn’t like what I wrote, you stayed up all night to attack me, my character, love life, parenting, my job, and desperate need for prayer to save me.

To quote you Lisa, here are some of the highlights:

“You wish you had someone. Poor thing”

“You can’t find a husband. I get it. You’re alone and miserable.”

“You feel the need to hurt people.”

“Do you even have a husband? We know the answer to that.”

“You take such pleasure in being nasty.”

“I feel sorry for you.”

“I’ll pray for you.”

“The words you speak will be the ones that curse your life.”

“Karma is a you know what. Be careful.”

To answer your question, I'm not married. I was, and have an amazing son from that relationship. He is 18 years old and a remarkable man who respects his mother, women, and himself. As for having someone in my life now, I don't. I'm dating, hoping for the best, and praying. I'm picky to be sure. I am fabulous and will only be with someone who is worthy of me. I respect myself and demand he does the same.

I will and have left a relationship when he cheated on me because I am worthy of more. I will and have left a relationship when there was violence because I am worthy of more. I will and have left a relationship where I am not being heard because I am worthy of more. My self worth is off the charts because my mother taught me to value who I am and what I give. Apparently that is not a lesson you teach your kids.

My romantic life has been guided by the words of Dr. Maya Angelou, who said, “When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time.” Your husband, by your own accounts, cheated on you several times and you forgave him. You insist you weren't married at the time, but that is irrelevant. He was with you, told you he loved you, but had sex with other women. He disrespected you, and you forgave him. 

There is a moment during sex when a man looks at you, and as women we think he could love us. We have that moment with everyone we sleep with, whether a fling, boyfriend, or husband. That is how women work. We are romantics. He had this pivotal moment with other women, and you took him back. That says more about you than him. Once a cheater always a cheater, so perhaps that is why you lash out.

Nobody is in your relationship but you, so only you know what works for you. I am simply pointed out that he was a cheater because you said it on the show, and again Sweetie, I write about the show. My commenting on what you said caused you to attack me and imply I wasn’t married because I’m a bad person. The truth is I would be married right now if I forgave a man for cheating, but I am smarter than that.

I would never take back a cheater. That said, anything is possible so perhaps I am wrong, but I can assure you if I did, I'd never go on TV and say he cheated for my children to see. Why shame your kids in such a way? Why put yourself in a place to have to explain to them that not only did daddy hurt you, but mommy said it was okay. Cheating is unacceptable to a woman who respects herself. Just my opinion.

I wrote about your show and shared opinions on what I saw. You attacked me and my personal life, of which you know nothing about. You chose to go on television and leave a legacy for your kids of their father disrespecting you. That is a choice you made and you can't get mad at me for having an opinion on it. Reality TV airs, bloggers blog, and you take the hits. Hard to do for sure, but part of the game.

You're going to need a much tougher skin if you expect to survive on reality television. The good news is more people read my blogs than attend your seminars or buy your clothes so this will be a nice boost for you. Happy to help. I wrote this blog long before you were on TV, and will be writing it long after your 15 minutes are up. Bloggers do a job and if you don't like it, don't read it. No need to make it perosnal.

Married to Medicine is a great premise and has a powerhouse trio in Mariah, Dr. Jackie, and Dr. Simone. I hope they come back for season 3 because they're entertaining and inspiring. Toya, Quad, Heavenly, and yourself can go. It is not personal Lisa, it’s business. My business. I write about reality TV and whether you like it or not Mariah is Queen, I'm not going anywhere and will continue to keep it real.