Real Housewives of Orange County: Right Show, Wrong Time

When I blog reality TV I am honest, snarky, occasionally harsh, and usually funny. It is not rocket science, or curing cancer, but it is a part of pop culture, something I love, and entertaining to those who come to read.  I am fascinated by those who choose this path for fame, and marvel at what they are willing to risk for 15 minutes of attention. 

RHOC brought on two new ladies this season and it was very exciting for the fans. We have stuck with this show, long after it should have gone, because it is the first, used to be the best, and we are hopeful it can be the best again. Losing Alexis and Gretchen was wonderful, but in the end bringing Lizzie and Shannon is not really helping.

Lizzie is a nice girl. She is beautiful and funny, has gorgeous kids, and truly seems lovely. The problem is she is she is not interesting. She was miscast, much like Carlton and Joyce on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Shannon on the other hand is the perfect addition, but chose the wrong time in her life to expose herself on television.

Shannon is fabulous. The perfect mix of spunky and kooky. She is pretty, living the OC life, and able to be both serious and silly. The problem is her marriage was struggling before she started and we are getting an emotional and unstable Shannon, instead of what I assume is normally firecracker Shannon. Exposing herself now was wrong.

I hope she and David work out their issues. I hope she'll be in a better place next season and we move past the crying, whining, and humiliating of her husband. She has the potential to be great TV. This season however, she is a mess, and I write about the show, so all I can do is keep doing my thing, my way, and hope she sticks around.

We pick up this week with Shannon still talking to Tamra. David sent Shannon an email saying he wants a divorce and Shannon has shared it with Tamra. Dear Lord. This is the last person you should share anything private with. Tamra is so desperate to be the popular girl that she will sell her soul to the devil for some extra camera time.

Shannon is talking about David and it is crushing. She is crying, blaming herself, and listening to Tamra. No good can come of any of those things. As they speak, Shannon gets a text from David saying Heather was in public talking about the email and divorce. Tamra was the only one who knew, yet she is denying it. Tamra is a pathological liar.

Shannon believes Tamra when she says she didn’t say it. Poor Shannon has lost her mind. Cut to Vicki, she is home talking to Brooks on the phone. Ugh. Brooks is hideous and that she is still with this loser is fascinating. They are boring, she is crazy, and watching her drink a protein shake while talking to a pig is putting me over the edge.

Back to Shannon, she is home making dinner with her kids. Her husband comes home and she immediately complains about him. It really is too much. I’m sick of her whining so I can only imagine what it must be like to hear all day, everyday. Shannon is leaving to “run errands”. She wants to protect her kids from rumors about her divorce.

If people are talking about it, it is because Shannon is talking about it. She should have known better than trust these people. The best thing she can do for herself is stop talking. Jumping to Heather, she is with Terry, talking crap to hear her own voice, and Shannon stops by for an unannounced visit. It is about to go down in a big, ugly way.

Why she went to Heather’s is beyond me. They hate each other and it makes no sense. Proof she is emotionally irrational and not stable enough to be on this show. She tells Heather she heard she was talking about the email and wants to know how Heather knew about it. Shannon has got balls, but she is dealing with a ball crusher.

Heather says she thought Shannon came by to apologize. Really? Apologize for what? Calling her out for being a bitch? Heather is a mean girl and we all hated someone just like her in high school. Shannon is calm, explaining herself clearly, and apologizes to Heather again. Heather did not deserve another apology. She is so selfish.

Shannon asks Heather, mother to mother, how she knew what was going on so she can protect her children. Heather tells Shannon Tamra said she was an alcoholic and getting divorced. Oy vey. Heather essentially says Tamra told her without saying Tamra told her. She denies spreading gossip and tells Shannon to talk with Tamra.

She lets Shannon know she owes her nothing and kicks her out of her house. I get why she kicked her out, but that doesn't mean it was right. Heather was unwilling to be kind, supportive, or decent to Shannon. Heather is a bitch. No way around that. Even after Shannon leaves, Heather still makes it about her. Heather is horrible.

Heather seems to think she can get an Emmy nomination for this show. She is acting, because she is an actress you know. Heather is a self centered and hurtful woman who lacks compassion. Shannon came in pain and rather than support, she attacked. Heather is doing herself no favors. Who wants to hire a spiteful and devious bitch?

Shannon calls her husband to tell him what happened, and he is lovely. It is sweet because you see they love each other. There is so much hurt they are unable to focus on making things better. The conversation between Shannon and David is heartwarming and heartbreaking. There is love there and I hope they can heal the hurt.

We are now in Mexico with Brooks and Vicki. I just can’t. Over to Tamra, she has ordered a robotic baby so she and Eddie can try out parenting together. Really? I am skipping over this. Hard to know who is the bigger fool, Tamra or Vicki. Either way I'm not going to watch this crap fest. Tamra with another baby? God help that child.

Shannon is having Lizzie and Danielle over to buy essential oils. I love this part of Shannon, but Lizzie is boring, bless her. I’m sure she is lovely, but she shouldn’t be on the show. Shannon talks about her divorce again and I want to shake her and tell her to stop talking. We are now going between Shannon, Lizzie, Heather and Tamra.

It is annoying when they try these dramatic scenes of double conversations. Don’t they know we’ve been drinking and it is hard to follow? Back in Mexico and Brooks and Vicki are naked. I still can’t.  Let’s go to Tamra and Shannon because that will be more comfortable!  Again with the back and forth and I'm ready for it to be over.

Tamra admits she told Heather about Shannon’s divorce. She says she is not going to lie to her, which is hilarious, because she is a pathological liar. Sidebar: Why are these women wearing so much makeup? They look ridiculous. Raccoon is not in ladies. Heather denies any wrongdoing, Tamra insists she wasn’t malicious, and I’m drinking.

Tamra is throwing Heather under the bus, blaming her for talking about it, not her originally talking about it. Shannon is finally seeing who Tamra really is and needs to walk away. Oy vey! This show needs to start fresh. I feel for Shannon, am over Tamra, and have a true dislike for Heather. These women don’t know how to keep it real.