Married to Medicine – Once a Cheater

This show is a waste of time. It is not the show they gave us last year, and that is not fair.  Viewers are loyal to reality TV and deserve to be respected as fans. Instead we are treated like we took a stroll through the gutter and bought some cheap crack. They made the show look fabulous, got us addicted, and are now not interested in entertaining us. We have been taken advantage of and sold a bill of goods.

So here I am, watching a stupid show because I'm addicted to it like crack bought in the gutter.  All I can do is blog, and hope maybe someone at Bravo will get their head out of their ass and fix what is wrong with this show. There is so much potential and it wouldn't take a lot to get back on track. A quick fix is to fire Quad, Toya, and Heavenly. This show is built around Jackie, Simone, and Mariah.

Get new ladies and we're back in business. Until then, here we go. We are still at the cabin, and start with Cecile and Simone. This is the best couple on the show. There is an authenticity to them that lacks in the others. I love them and while I think Simone has lost her way, Cecile is perfect. Everyone is getting up and heading to Toya's cabin for breakfast. Apparently Toya is cooking up a feast. Really? Toya is a lazy ass.

Toya’s husband is making a brilliant breakfast while Toya gossips with Lisa and Quad. Toya is too dumb to be on TV. She doesn't know how to speak English and makes my eye twitch. Fire this money hungry fame whore already. Everyone arrives to eat and we are immediately reminded that Heavenly is ridiculous. We also learn Quad brought a hairstylist and makeup artist to the cabin. For the love of God.

Quad is an idiot.  Why these women do not see what a manipulative liar she is, is beyond me. The woman is trying to fill Mariah's shoes, but what Quad fails to realize, because she is a moron, is that she could not fill even one of Mariah’s shoes. The woman has lost her mind and the only way to snap her back to reality is to kick her to the curb with her dogs and their clothes. This woman is offensive to women.

The women are at the table, while the men are in the kitchen. Simone says she invited Mariah to come for a visit so they could mend fences. Quad is offended and pissed off Mariah might come. Quad immediately starts throwing Mariah under the bus and Toya and Lisa join in. Simone caves to the pressure, saying she will not include Mariah in the group. Toya says she hopes Mariah doesn't show and goes off on Simone.

Toya reminds Simone she told them about Mariah. Simone doesn't remember and says Toya is stirring drama. Bravo shows the tape confirming what Toya said, and Simone is back to being pissed at Toya. I'm exhausted. I love Simone but she is crazy to have taken on the role of shit disturber. She is doing bad stuff for Bravo and it is sad. She's smarter than this and frankly looks like a fool when she fights.

Back in Atlanta, Mariah is going on a trip with her other friends, mother and sister.  We are watching two different shows. One with the ladies and one with Mariah. In the end Mariah is more interesting than the group, but doesn't work on her own. She needs to be reunited with the group and if that means Quad needs to go, then so be it. This is Mariah’s show. She is the Queen so everyone needs to grow up and bow down.

The group is going zip lining and I cannot focus on anything other than Heavenly’s hair. If she is as fabulous and rich as she says she is, can’t she afford better hair? She is rocking some serious Soul Train hair and it is distracting. Also, full makeup, including fake lashes, is dumb when on a weekend retreat. These women need to find a way to keep it real because they are all kinds of fake and it is boring to watch.

Cut to the obligatory scene for Mariah. She is with her friends Trey and Jaime, along with her sister, mom, and a couple new friends. I love Mariah. I've met Jaime and Trey and love them too. They are fabulous. This show does not work without Mariah front and center, and it also doesn't work with her taking her sister and mom everywhere. She doesn't need the security blanket because she is Mariah, damn it.

Back to the cabin, the men are talking together and Quad’s husband continues to put his foot in his mouth. He says if his wife is not servicing him, it is not his fault if he cheats. He would only cheat if his wife was not giving him what he needed. There is some truth in what he says, but how he says it is dumb. He’s very feminine so it seems just silly. Speaking of cheating, we learn Lisa’s husband cheated. A lot.

Back with the couples, they're going around the room discussing issues people have in their marriages. Everyone has written down what they want to talk about and it is anonymous. Anonymous my ass. We know who wants to talk about what. This is lame, but I will say they are classier than the ladies from Real Housewives of Atlanta. Those sorry bitches tried to do the same and it ended badly.

Heavenly is going on and on about being a relationship expert. Shut up. They talk about sex and apparently none of the couples are having it enough. Lisa says she has sex whenever her husband wants. Translation: Her husband is a prolific cheater and she thinks she needs to service him whenever he wants or he will stray outside the marriage. I think Lisa is dumb, but I feel for her as this is humiliating.

Once a cheater, always a cheater? I would say yes. Quad and her husband seem to have nothing in common so I don’t get their marriage. Toya’s husband says he owns Toya’s uterus, and I am no longer listening. These people are silly and I don’t know why some of them are married. I predict a reality TV divorce in the future. Cut to Jackie,  who is talking about having a baby and my heart breaks for her.

Her husband said he regretted not having a son and she wants to give him one. Not only because she wants to be a mother, but because she wants to give him what he wants. She thanks him for loving her even though she can’t have his child and it is a moment of honesty and pain that is rare and touching. I don’t agree with a lot things Jackie says, but I saw her in a new light tonight. Bless her and her journey.

The gang is off to play a game of football and there is still full makeup happening. Toya says she is athletic and her family has received scholarships to college for bowling. Really? Fire this woman. Jackie and her husband discuss a baby again and he lets her know he will never want one and she needs to come to terms with that. It is sad and not something I would have shared on television. Bless them.

Over to Quad, she tells her husband she doesn't want a child now and is going to look into birth control. Funny since she already said she was using birth control and keeping it from him. Quad is a liar and her only goal is to be rich and famous. She's rich because she married a doctor, and famous for being an idiot. Mazel Tov.  The trip is a success, they prepare to leave, and the conversation turns back to Mariah.

Simone loses her mind and clarifies Mariah is not to go on any trips or events and they will not attend any of Mariah’s events. Are they kidding? They're going to kick Mariah off the show? Reminder: this is Mariah’s show. She is the creator and Executive Producer and these backstabbing losers need to wake up. We're not watching without Mariah, so they need to stop listening to Quad and start keeping it real.