LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian on VH1

If you read Keeping it Real with any regularity, you know I think LeAnn Rimes is a mess, her husband is cheating, she’s lost her talent, is medicated to a level requiring her to read lyrics off a paper while in concert, has no respect for her fans, and is trying to spin her new scripted reality show into sympathy for an infertility problem.

Dear Lord. This show is going to be a train wreck of epic proportions. VH1 is sleeping with Satan and no good can come of that. If she is in fact having trouble getting pregnant then I truly feel for her. That said, this woman lies about everything so why believe her? Why would she only mention it now? The timing makes me think it is more LeAnn crap.

There have been several “leaked” promos from the LeAnn & Eddie show and they prove these people are delusional and their marriage is a farce. He appears to be physically repulsed by her, and she is being eaten alive by the hatred she has for herself. She is going to lose him the same way she got him, she knows it, and having his baby won't help her.

Important to clarify these are my opinions and this is America, so I get to share. Sometimes LeAnn gets upset with me and has her lawyer, publicist, friends, and paid fans write letters or make phone calls to my employer to get me fired. While entertaining, it is not necessary. I think LeAnn is a mean spirited and manipulative moron. God Bless the USA.

Back to my blog, as soon as trailers are released VH1 deletes them. If they are so proud of this show, why not let us have a look? The truth is with each trailer posted, there is an immediate backlash on social media. Rimes is one of the most hated celebrities in America and the show will prove many of our assumptions about her are actually true.

I could talk about LeAnn’s madness this week, but why? From declaring her stepsons “are her life”, posting pictures of herself with the women Eddie does on the side, to stating that if only bloggers would listen, they would see the truth, it is all part of the wicked web she spins. The woman is, in my humble opinion, mentally deficient.

I will extend to her now, as I have for years, the opportunity to do an interview with me. She can tape it to have a record of what exactly she said. She can film it to prove there was no editing or coercion. If she is certain my opinion of her will change if I listen, then there should be no reason to not speak with me. Especially with the transparency I offer.

I'm not invested in her truth or lies. I write about reality TV and pop culture as I see it. If I am seeing it wrong then by all means Ms. Rimes, educate me. If I have the story backwards I will admit it, say it, and write it for the world to see. The only requirement is for you to find a way to do what you have not yet been able to do, keep it real.