Real Housewives of New York: Why are the Jews always crazy?

This show has been on a long time. The women who star on the show have been classy and inspiring on rare occasion, but mostly they are entitled women who behave badly. We watch because independently of each other there are occasionally interesting. We enjoy a glimpse into their lives and how it must be to have wealth in such an expensive city. We also watch because at some point, and this point comes in every episode, they are going to humiliate themselves in epic proportions.

It is that humiliation that drives reality TV. We like to watch them crash and burn, much like we can’t take our eyes off a train wreck. Some women we genuinely have an interest in and pull for to be happy and do well. For example, Sonja Morgan. Ms. Morgan is good television. She is unafraid to be herself and doesn’t take any of it too seriously. Sonja has the most interesting history, and is the most down to earth. Sonja is the one we want to lunch with because she is real.

Ramona is purposely mean spirited and travels around with some random young guy to comfort her while her husband carries on with his mistress. Carole is so busy pointing out she is a serious writer, we have stopped listening. Kristen came in lovely and is now getting sucked into the vortex of bad behavior. LuAnn was demoted and should not have been. Heather is the saving grace of this show but who knows how long that will last. All this, yet we still watch.

Then you have someone like Aviva Drescher who goes out of her way on every single episode to make a fool out of herself. She is not good television, not a particularly nice woman, and is sucking the joy out of an otherwise tolerable, if not entertaining hour of escape television. We are not getting smarter or enlightened by watching Real Housewives of New York. We are getting a few laughs while we are shown our lives are far more interesting and fulfilling than those of these women. 

It is a shame that once again the most disliked woman on this show is a Jew. Much like Jill Zarin before her, people started off liking her, then she became toxic to the group, and there was no longer anything to like about her. Why is it when it comes to NYC, a city with so many fabulous Jewish women, are the crazy ones always Jewish? Aviva is disgusting on this show. Her father, who is often featured, is a sexual deviant who is offensive to women and should never have been given this forum. 

I am offended by Aviva Drescher and her father George. It is ridiculous that these two are featured as socially and financially enviable Jews of NYC. I like writing about reality TV and consider myself lucky to make a living blogging about the shows we love and love to hate. Millions watch, cringe, and then come on social media to ask why they watch this crap. I am blessed in that on the particularly bad shows, I can say I HAD to watch it because it is my job.

This week my job became hard to do. The storyline of Aviva and her father is revolting and the conversations have crossed a line. They are crude, distasteful, and trying to shock people with their talk of sex. It serves no purpose other than to get us to turn off the TV. Aviva Drescher is a fame whore. Her father is a regular, old-fashioned whore, and together they manage to embarrass themselves,embarrass their family, and embarrass Bravo for chosing them at all.

This entire episode was about Aviva’s 80-year-old father George, his 24-year-old fiancé, and the engagement party Aviva throws for them at the Museum of Sex. It is not funny, entertaining, good for women, good for Bravo, and simply unworthy of my time. I watch a lot of reality television. I write honestly and unfiltered about a form of entertainment that is ridiculed by many, but that I defend as something that has value. It is silly to be sure, but also a harmless and fun way to tune out by tuning in.

I like reality television and am not ashamed to say it. I watch a lot of crap, and write about a lot of crap. They are not all winners, and some are inexplicably airing, but there is good and bad in all forms of entertainment. I am an honest and unfiltered writer. I am not a prude when it comes to sex. I have no issue talking about it, or writing about it. I enjoy sexual innuendo and can tell a raunchy joke with expertise, but here’s the thing. There is nothing appealing about Aviva or her dad.

It takes a lot of time to recap television shows. You watch an hour long program over and over as you go back to catch a line, or facial expression. I actually watch the shows as a fan, so many times I watch for me, then go back and watch again for work. My time is valuable, my writing is brilliant, and for Bravo to give me an hour of bullshit is disrespectful to me as a fan and loyal viewer. Because I value myself, my time, and my talent, I am not wasting one minute on Aviva.

Bravo needs to fire Aviva Drescher, ban George, and find a Jewish woman to be a housewife who does not give us a sharp pain the lower back every time she speaks. Most importantly, Bravo needs to remember we watch because we like it and when we don’t like it anymore, we won’t watch. That day is closer than they think. There is a small window of opportunity to do the right thing and start paying attention to the audience. The best way to honor and respect us is to keep it real.