Keeping the Faith Heads to England!

I am leaving for London today and I am thrilled to be travelling with my son. I am spending 8 days in my favorite city with my favorite human being. and  we are going to have a blast. My son will interview at his top choice university, I will see family on my Dad’s side I have not seen in over 30 years, spend time with wonderful friends, meet some of my fabulous Twitter followers from the UK, and undoubtedly have chest pains when my son wants to order a beer with dinner as he is of legal drinking age there. Oy vey.

I am hoping we don’t see too much rain because nothing is cute about frizz, and certainly not on the streets of London, but the truth is that it can rain all day everyday and it won’t matter. My son is embarking on the next stage of his life and that I am able to not only share it, but have a front row seat, is magical. My beloved dad Robert Angel used to say, Ilana, you are a wonderful human being. I now say it to my son on a regular basis and I know my Dad is watching over us as we head to his homeland. We are blessed.

We arrive on Saturday and will be attending a birthday party for a couple of my lovely English girlfriends. These are wonderful women and I cannot wait to toast them for their birthdays Saturday night, then sit with them for a cup of tea in the kitchen on Sunday morning. My next blog will actually come to you from their kitchen, where I will be blissfully hung over and happy as a clam. Shabbat Shalom. Have a wonderful weekend, and safe travels to everyone who is heading out. I am grateful, excited, and keeping the faith.