A Break From Reality

Keeping it Real is taking a break while I take my son to a college interview. I will miss watching the shows I love, and love to hate, but am thrilled to be able to walk away from the madness for a minute. I often marvel at how much reality TV I watch. By marvel of course I mean thank my liver for being such a trooper. I am blessed to have a job that requires me to watch television and while some would argue reality programming is pathetic and not real TV, I still love to watch it.

I will check in on Twitter to see what is happening on all our favorite shows, and will blog when I return. If anything fabulous happens, and you know it will, let me know. Thank you for coming here everyday to read and share your perspectives on the trainwrecks with me. This is the funnest job in the world, and you are the funnest people. I look forward to blogging when I get back and I appreciate all your good wishes for my son. Take good care of yourselves and remember to keep it real.