Married To Medicine Has Changed

We rejoin the women’s conference where Mariah and Quad have chosen to talk for the first time in a while.  Quad fake cries, Mariah is tense, and Lisa talks like LaToya Jackson. She speaks so slow it makes my eye twitch, This chick is annoying but don’t mention that on Twitter because she will engage and let you have it. Bless her. She won’t like you if you have an opinion about her.

Quad is telling the ladies it is not about the show, but her life! It is like she is auditioning for a soup opera, and it’s quite entertaining. Mariah cries about the attack of Quad, but goes off camera and into the bathroom. Quad on the other hand makes sure the camera sees her crying. Here’s the thing Quad, if you sniff, it’s not crying. If there are no tears, it is not crying. Quad has let fame go to her head.

Simone talks to Quad and Toya listens in as Simone assures her they can work it out. Lisa joins and talks about healing and her voice is putting me to sleep. It’s like she is in slow motion. Quad stops fake crying on the flip of a dime. Simone apologizes to Toya and they make up. I think Toya is an idiot and I wouldn’t be friends with her, but bravo to Simone for being a grown up. 

Sidebar: What exactly is this conference and how much did people pay go? Time for a panel discussion, of which Dr. Jackie is a part of. Dr. Heavenly asks Lisa why she is not on the panel and Lisa points out she will do it next year. That doesn’t really work for Heavenly. She marches right up to the stage and sits down on the panel. Freaking awesome.  She says nothing of importance however.

The most interesting thing about Dr. Heavenly is her daughter Alaura. As for Dr. Jackie, I’m over her. She says she learned when she went through cancer that weight is directly connected to breast cancer. Apparently that is why she hates fat people. If she is not fat and got cancer, what exactly is she talking about? Jackie doesn’t like fat, which is fine, but stop cancer references and own your neuroses.

At the end of the conference everyone gets together for a group hug and Mariah will not hug Quad. Quad is lying and it will come out eventually. Cut to Simone and Jackie talking about Jackie adopting a baby. A baby her husband doesn't want. I need to skip over the adoption talk. If I also skip over scenes with Lisa, I can watch this show in about 20 minutes. Awesome.

Jackie writes Simone a prescription for “Shut Your Mouth”. She should prescribe some of that for Donald Sterling. Time for Lisa to go to the doctor to follow up on her breast cancer scare. She does not have cancer. Thank God. Moving on, Jackie is with a patient who wants to get her tubes tied and is pushing her to change her mind. She is unprofessional to me on this.

I understand a tubaligation is a big deal, and a woman should be sure, but this is too much and I wouldn't want my doctor to pressure me in this. Additionally, if she is going to ask me 10 times, ask in a serious tone, not while laughing. That is stupid. Now Jackie is meeting with the adoption specialist and I don’t get it. She is doing this behind her husband’s back? No good can come of that.

I feel for Jackie and when she cries her pain is deep, but this secret meeting being filmed is stupid. Either she lied to her husband or it was scripted this way and he knows, but it is dumb and I can skip over this scene too. Married to Medicine used to be brilliant but I’m down to 20 minutes of good TV in an hour and that is a stretch. What happened to this show? They need to get back to being fabulous.

We are now with Quad and Rico. Quad is lying about the interest in her business and I am laughing. Rico is ruining his credibility with this dog clothes. Such a shame. We learn he has a serious issue with Mariah, which explains why Quad is shooting with him since she can no longer shoot with Mariah, who is smart to stay far away from her until she gets a little perspective and dials her ego back. I hope that happens.

I am going to miss next week’s show and I’m not worried. The fighting and lying will continue. Both between the women and with their husbands. Quad will try to act her way into more camera time, and we will laugh at her. I will do a double blog when I return but I’m guessing will fast forward through most of it and go through a lot of wine. Sadly these ladies are no longer even trying to keep it real.