The Career Suicide of LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian

This week clips were released from the “scripted reality” show featuring LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. The reaction has been harsh. So negative in fact, that VH1 quickly removed the link. We all saw this coming and called it before we saw any footage, but it is now confirmed this show is idiotic and these two pigs deserve each other. They are hideous, unemployable, and the world's most hated “celebrity” couple.

This is a painfully uncomfortable relationship to watch. They have no chemistry and as handsome as he is, she is equally unfortunate looking. The only way this show got made was for LeAnn to pay for it is my guess. I'll be surprised if it makes it to air. That said, I really hope it does because I will happily blog about what crap it is, along with how pathetic VH1 was to invest in a show that proves their programming sucks.

The link was originally tweeted out by LeAnn herself, so one could assume she did it without VH1's approval. Perhaps they sent it to her and she shared it because she is delusional and thinks people are laughing with her, not at her. Another possibility is they released it for a hot minute to get buzz going, not realizing the buzz would be driven by hate and mockery, not anticipation and excitement. 

In one of the scenes Eddie says he is happy to not be single. I wonder if the follow up line, I’m blessed to be married to a loser who lets me sleep with other women because she knows she can’t satisfy me, will make it into a blooper real. In another scene he says he knows the look of a woman who wants a baby. Apparently he also knows the look of a woman who is not turned off by his lack of redeeming qualities.

The best line is when LeAnn tells her paid friends they talk about having a baby all the time but are too busy working. Really? These two don’t work. Eddie sued his ex-wife for money because he has none and all she does is record music with no label or audience. Her last album was an epic failure and her tour of parking lots, because she couldn’t get booked into the actual mall, was giving way tickets to all her shows.

I am of the opinion Ms. Rimes is a pathological liar and Mr. Cibrian is incapable of monogamy or fidelity. That VH1 would think people want to see them on television is fascinating. By fascinating of course I mean they have climbed to the top of the mountain and screamed to the world that the programming department is run by people who are mentally deficient, never read a tabloid, or perhaps both.

To be fair, VH1 is not known for brilliant television. They are after all the people who gave shows to Flavor Flav and Bret Michaels, but still, this is a new level of trash. With LeAnn and Eddie they are reaching into the gutter, grabbing a couple of pigs, and giving them a television show. Should they choose to air it I will watch because that is my job. I will write about LeAnn, Eddie and VH1, because I am always keeping it real.