Married to Medicine Goes to the Dogs

This is not a happy group. They may be happy individually, but as a cast they are not meshing. That makes this a housewife show, not a show about educated and accomplished women. There is so much tension it is uncomfortable to watch. Hard to know if the instant fame changed these women, but they went from being interesting to caricatures of themselves, and that won’t keep our attention for long.

We start with Dr. Simone heading to work and her two sons asking her about going on a family vacation. When they suggest Dubai or the Bahamas, Simone suggests Six Flags. Funny. They mock her tone of voice and it is hilarious because my son does the same thing to me. Dr. Simone is fabulous but if the entire season is going to be about her financial and marital problems, I won’t want to watch.

Toya is shopping and telling us how rich she is. She is a moron and I have no interest in her. I think she is full of crap and unaware that even a doctor’s money can run out if it is being spent by an idiot.  We jump to Lisa and she talks so slowly I find myself wanting to hurry her up. I am not a fan of this woman and truly do not think she does anything on this show other than stir trouble and hock her wares

Sidebar: Lisa was not thrilled with my blog last week and took to Twitter to let me know. She tried to get into it with me but quickly realized there was no point. She then suggested I get to know her before deciding I don’t like her. Well Lisa, that isn’t how blogging reality TV works. I watch, form an opinion, and share that opinion. My views can change, and often do, but right now I’m not digging you. Welcome to reality TV.

Time for Quad and I just can’t and I am sick of her referring to them as people. The designer she is talking to, Reco, is fabulous and he is the only reason I don’t skip over this crap. Reco’s facial expressions in regard to the DOGS is hilarious.  Quad is asking Reco to be the designer of the dog clothing line and I am telling to Reco to not do it. This is a stupid idea and nobody is going to take his work seriously after this.

Quad says she wants hoodies in her clothing line for DOGS and I'm done. Reco changes the topic, as per the script, to Mariah. Quad is talking about how horrible Mariah was to her, but we have not seen any proof so they better give us something or we will tune out. Speaking of Mariah, she is with Dr. Simone asking about freezing her eggs. Dr. Simone tells her she should have a baby instead of waiting.

Dr. Simone tells Mariah Quad is being pressured to have a baby. Why even talk about this?  Simone asks what is going on with Quad and Mariah, and Mariah says she is not speaking with Quad.  Simone says Mariah is unwilling to admit any wrongdoing when it comes to Quad and I say good for her. She is not talking about their fall out, not throwing Quad under the bus, and that is classier than Ms. Quad.

Simone tells Mariah she wants them to be friends again and Mariah is simply not interested. Mariah is not engaging, but is told Quad will be at Lisa’s conference. Mariah says she is not sure she will go, but even if she does it is not the time or place to confront Quad. Translation: Mariah will be at the conference and she will get into it with Quad. These two have a lot of secrets and it is time for them to tell us everything.

Quad is pitching her clothing line for DOGS to a potential investor. Oh. My. God. One dog jumps off the table while the other pees on the floor. She shows nothing, explains nothing, then asks for “several million dollars”. She should have taken this shit to the Shark Tank so we could watch Mr. Wonderful laugh in her face and tell her she is an idiot. I am not watching a season of dog clothes. Not doing it.

Dr. Heavenly is now talking to the greatest kid ever, Alaura. She tells her daughter men are the kings of the home and no matter how successful she becomes, it is her job to serve her husband and his needs. Dear Lord. Alaura is going to be a vegetarian, until she smells bacon and puts it off until tomorrow. I like Heavenly, I like her convictions, and I even share some of her views, but would use much different vocabulary.

Time for Lisa Nicole’s conference and I find her voice to be annoying in a LaToya Jackson kind of way. All the women are arriving and it is on. Important to note Quad, who mocked Mariah for wearing fur at a party, is now wearing fur.  Lisa stirs up trouble, again, by asking Toya why she is upset with Simone and the idiot is still talking about the bowling event. Simone points out how stupid Toya is and I am loving her for it.

Lisa stirs the pot, then leaves the room. Whatever. Quad is wearing opera gloves to a morning business conference? Simone is talking about how dumb Toya is while Toya sits there being dumb. It is quite funny. Dr. Heavenly and Mariah arrive and the tension grows. Mariah walks around the table and says hello to everyone, tells Quad she looks beautiful, and sits down next to Quad. I love Mariah and think she is holding it together

Simone is pushing Mariah to speak with Quad. She is happy to talk to her, just not at the conference. She doesn't want the negative energy and I admire her for not staying quiet about it all. It is not great for the show, and as an executive producer she must keep the peace, but it is still admirable that she has kept quiet. Simone and Mariah are chatting when Lisa listens in as Quad comes to dig around.

Heavenly says she hasn't taken sides and Quad and Mariah need to work it out. It is lame to do this here. Quad tells Mariah she loves her, wants to talk facts, and starts screaming, Mariah is calm, this is ridiculous. Quad is upset but Mariah is indifferent, which pisses her off more. Reality TV is all about picking sides and I am firmly on Team Mariah. Quad is about to ruin the conference.

This week ends with Quad yelling and we have to wait until next week to see how it ends. Quad is crying with no tears, Mariah is standing strong, and the others are desperate to fix it. I want these two to make up and be friends again. They can never get back to where they were, but maybe they can get to a better place. I love this show and these women, but they need to embrace Mariah as the boss and start keeping it real.