Real Housewives of Orange County – Ugh

We waited for this show to come back and although there are new faces, it is exactly the same. That we are being asked to listen to a storyline about Brooks again is just too much. Vicki has been around forever telling us how strong and fabulous she is, yet she is with a man who is using her, humiliating her, and causing her children to have no respect for her. She is more of an idiot than a genius.

We start at Shannon’s house where the dinner party continues. Shannon is a mess and while I think I like her, she came on TV to have us watch her marriage crumble, which makes me lose respect for her. She knew what she was doing. She continues to disrespect and ridicule him in his own home and I think it is horrible. I’d like to be a fly on the wall as they watch these episodes back.

Shannon is cutting down her husband, Tamra is trying to be funny, Vicki is trying to be the center of attention, and Heather doesn't understand why people are not silent when she speaks because she is an actress, and everything she says is important. There is tension between Heather, Tamra, and Vicki and it is so painfully orchestrated that I wonder how I will blog this entire season. 

Everyone goes to play basketball while Heather judges from above, where she likes to stay. Tamra and Shannon decide to have a shot of vodka and no good can come of that. These two should not be drinking and certainly not on camera. Tamra gets on the kitchen counter, flashes her spanks, and laughs with Shannon as Heather comes to crap on their fun. Heather leaves but listens in.

Important to note they show Heather standing in the stairwell, but the stairwell is not overlooking the kitchen, so this is lame editing. Heather goes to Eddie and talks about Tamra wanting a baby. Really? If Heather had this conversation with my husband, I would never talk to her again. Drumming up storylines is expected but Heather knows she has nothing so she is now desperate.

The ladies are in the secret tea party room hanging out when Heather skips out with Terry. She is not sure why Vicki and Heather are dismissive of her. Maybe because you are a bitch? Terry and Heather are talking in the car, for the camera, and Heather says how upset she is with how people are treating her. Cut to Eddie, who tells Tamra about Heather confronting him about her wanting a baby. Eddie is annoyed.

Vicki decides she will host a pre-Thanksgiving dinner while Shannon craps on her husband. Again. Whatever. Cut to the next day, Tamra “drops in” on Vicki. She is in full makeup, as is Vicki, and its early morning. I'm laughing at the concept of reality TV. Tamra and Vicki talk about Shannon and how she treats her husband.  Tamra thinks they're like her and Simon. Vicki thinks they're like her and Donn.

Maybe Shannon is like Shannon you self-centered hags. Vicki tells Tamra she's in therapy to working on her relationship with Brooks, whether Briana likes it or not. They talk about how elitist and condescending Heather is. They don’t know use words of course because they don’t know those words. Bless them. They talk more about how horrible Heather is and if I were Heather I’d be pissed.

Back to Shannon’s house, her husband is changing a light in a chandelier. Shannon lets us know she got it for half price at only $120,000.00. She’s a bargain hunter you know. She is bitching about her husband and I am skipping over this. Five minutes of a light bulb change is of no interest to me. She tells us she bitches because she wants to feel loved and important. Not be the way to go.

Time for Briana and Vicki fight. Briana says kids are meant to have two parents and doing it alone is hard. Shut up Briana. Kids are meant to have loving parents. Vicki tells Briana she is back with Brooks. They are yelling at each other in front of the crying baby and I'm grossed out. Briana will never like Brooks and Brooks will always be a loser, so move on becasue we don’t care at all.

Time for fake Thanksgiving at Vicki’s house. Shannon and Tamra arrive to help prepare dinner and Vicki’s grandson Troy is on his own, which is funny editing, but not funny. Vicki and Tamra talk crap about Heather, then Vicki’s ungrateful, rude, and socially awkward son arrives to be gross. The husbands arrive, David makes a turkey ball joke, Shannon knocks him down a notch, and the dysfunction continues.

Heather is back from her Thanksgiving trip to New York and makes plans to have lunch with Tamra. They both say independently of each other that they want the friendship to work. Fascinating since they are horrible to each other when not together. Heather is pretentious, Tamra does not understand what she is saying, and I wonder how long this storyline will last. This friendships are fake and ridiculous and not keeping it real.