Why are Tori Spelling and LeAnn Rimes Still Famous?

I am fascinated by LeAnn Rimes and write about her because it is odd she does such deranged things, yet her ass is kissed incessantly. Why anyone would want to talk to a woman who has not had a hit in 20 years is something I don’t get. Beyond the epic failure of her non-existent career, I think she is mentally unstable.

I was going to write about her this week because every couple of months I like to recap her madness. Then I watched Tori Spelling's new show and was amazed at how much they have in common. These women are unraveling and choosing to do it in public. They are fame whores on a level I have not seen and nobody is helping them.

LeAnn wrote on Twitter this week it was her 3rd anniversary and she was proud of the life she has built with her husband. Not sure if she is proud of cheating on her husband with Eddie Cibrian, or causing Eddie’s marriage to end and him abandon his pregnant wife, but she is proud. Here’s the thing, people cheat all the time and life goes on.

The issue with LeAnn is not the cheating, but that she gloats about it. This happened years ago, yet it is all she talks about. Her single white female obsession with Eddie’s first wife is epic. As I sat down to write about her, I had the new series True Tori on and I became fascinated with Tori Spelling. The more I watched, the more I saw similarities.

LeAnn is part of a scripted look at her life on VH1. She wants everyone to know the truth about her, yet continues to lie. Her Spitfire album was a massive failure and the country music world that built her fame has turned their backs on her. Not because she cheated on her husband, but because she tried to spin it into country gold.

As I watched Tori Spelling’s show, listening to her say how she cannot believe her fairytale is falling apart, I laugh at how insane this woman must be if she thinks we believe anything she says. Like LeAnn, she met her husband while both she and he were married to other people. They both cheated, got divorced, and then married each other.

How does destroying others fit into a fairytale? There are a lot of stories about Tori fabricating her situation to get a reality show. The issue is not whether she lied, but that she is having her husband say she is bad in bed, going to sex rehab, and putting it all on camera where her four young children will one day see it.  No parenting skills.

You can talk all you want about how you love your kids, but saying it is not showing. Tori does not value her children enough to protect them. Instead she is using her dysfunction to damage them in many ways. Their father is a pig, their mother is addicted to fame, and the people who put this on TV should be ashamed.

Tori is using her kids for attention, just like LeAnn. The big difference of course is LeAnn uses kids that are not hers. From teaching her stepsons to sing songs she wrote about sleeping with their mom’s husband, to calling paparazzi to take their picture, to trying to look like their mom, this woman loves fame more than helping raise the kids.

These women continue to be part of pop culture because we put them there. They seem to think it is because we care about them, when the truth is we watch in fascination wondering what it must be like to go through life flaunting to the world how stupid you are. Who values being on TV or a magazine more than the stability of a child?

In Tori’s new show she cries about her life in front of her kids. Her kids look confused and it is upsetting. There were things in her show that did not seem real. Her kids are late for school everyday, but the school understands? There are actually rules about being late and absent from school in California so I’m not buying that at all.

Tori went out a couple of times on her show and paparazzi were there. Really? They are there because she calls them and tells them to come. She goes to visit a man who cheated on her, and is about to tell the world it was because she sucks in bed, yet she stops to put on lipstick, with paparazzi watching and cameras rolling?

LeAnn Rimes cannot go anywhere without cameras following her. Why? Because she pays them. For her anniversary, celebrating her wonderful life, there were no picture with her husband, only her on a photo shoot desperately trying to look happy and sexy. Her husband seems to have no use for her other than writing checks.

The thing about LeAnn and Tori is that no matter how gross they are, and they are, we feel a little sorry for them. If we can put aside how offended we are by them, we can sympathize with them. There is the problem. It is our decency that allows us to have moments of empathy for them, which fuels their fame, which makes us all crazy.

As rational and decent human beings, and as women who have all loved men we shouldn't, we feel for them. Tori was raised by a mother who valued money more than her and although she hated her for it, she is the same way. LeAnn once sued her own father so that she has no idea of how a man should be makes perfect sense.

LeAnn Rimes married a man who was married to a woman who brought other women into their bedroom and had his children. How can she ever compete? Are we to believe he just stopped wanting to expand his sexual partners? Did he suddenly not like to watch his wife having sex with other women for his enjoyment? No he didn’t.

LeAnn wants us to think her life is perfect, and maybe it is for her, but we know who he is thanks to his ex-wife and I simply do not believe for one minute this is the life she thought she was getting when she married him. They fell in love, I get it, but she must be mentally deficient on some level to have thought this was going to be her fairytale ending.

Eddie Cibrian is a habitual cheater. He is also unemployed and desperately jealous of the fact his ex is wealthier than him. LeAnn will never be enough and that must break her heart. She has lost her career because of their affair, and will never get it back as long as they are married. She will also never be the mother of his two sons.

She likes to think she is, and spends a lot of time trying to convince herself she is, but she isn’t. In the end that is the tragic thing about LeAnn. She can think she is the best stepmom in the world, believe in her heart she is helping to co-parent those kids, but they will soon grow up and see what she has done to their mother, and they will hate her.

The same is true of Tori. Her kids will sympathize with her, but when they see the choices she made, they will not respect her. No man is worth my child not respecting me. What is it about Tori that makes her so desperate she compromises her life with her children? What is it about LeAnn that allows her to throw away her career?

These are not educated or attractive women, so there is perhaps a sense of luck they managed to get anyone, so they hang on for dear life. I would like to tell them they have value. Both need to walk away from the men they have chosen to marry, realize they are not living a fairytale, and know we are laughing at them, not with them.

As someone who writes about pop culture and reality TV, I will watch True Tori and the new LeAnn series. I will watch, and write, and judge, and give my opinion. I will mock and ridicule because these shows will demand it of me. I will also feel sorry for these two women who have lost their way, lost their spirit, and lost their good judgment.

Tori Spelling and LeAnn Rimes should be spending their time untangling themselves from the garbage they have married. I would suggest they also find new friends because the people they have surrounded themselves with are not looking out for them, do not care about them, and have no intention of ever keeping it real.