Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday. It is just a regular day really, other than the fact I am now 48 years old. As I get older I spend less time celebrating on my birthday, and more time reflecting. I am blessed. I am also restless and wistful. No particular reason, just little bits and pieces of different things that are not exactly as I wish they were. They are not specific to my birthday, simply things I am thinking about during this time of reflection.

I saw this commercial online and want to share it because it is so wonderful. It makes me smile, it makes me cry, it gives me hope. What is it that I desire most? What can I do to make my life better? Easier? Happier? Quieter? The truth is that I am a lucky girl. I have a healthy child, a wonderful family, terrific friends, and a job that I love. So if there is something that I desire, it is ability to always keep the faith.