The Return of Married to Medicine

Writing about reality TV for a living can be hard because there is a lot of crap and I watch it all. Competition shows aside, there are really not that many interesting people on reality TV so it can be tedious. There are some shows however that are truly entertaining, and Married to Medicine is one of them. These are fascinating women who are accomplished doctors, intelligent women, and one unsavory woman who has simply married well. No matter where they fall on the spectrum of being a lady, they are all self-made, all real, and all compelling television.

Season two begins tonight and as excited as I am they are back, I am equally exited Keri Wells has not returned. She never quite fit in with the group, never was interesting, and so we start with all the other original cast members along with one new girl. I hope this show does not disappoint because I have looked forward to their coming back. I would have preferred that Toya also be given her walking papers. but here we are and I am starting the season with an open mind and no agenda. That said, I think Toya is out of her league and hideous.

We start with Quad who looks fabulous. She is married to a psychiatrist and her husband wants a baby. They have been married a short time but he is older than her and he is ready. Quad is doing a photo shoot and we hear they asked Mariah to do it first but she passed due to a schedule conflict. We quickly learn these two best friends are no longer speaking. It is sad because they were great together. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Quad says she is disappointed in things Mariah has said and heartbroken about it. I hope they explain.

These two need to fix this. We are five minutes in and the disappointment has begun. We jump to Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone. Dr. Jackie is married and a survivor of breast cancer. Dr. Simone is married with two kids and the most likable reality star ever.  Dr. Jackie is talking about cancer and the fact surgery, chemo, and radiation left her unable to have children. She is thinking about a surrogate or adoption. Dr. Simone is not feeling it because she knows how focused and work driven Dr. Jackie is, and wants her to think it over. This is a random conversation and out of place.

We jump to Mariah and I think this woman is fabulous television. She is having family pictures done and dinner with her husband the doctor, two sons, daughter, sister, and mom. One of her sons is being bullied at school by a girl, and she tells him next time she hits him, he should hit her back. Oy Vey. She’s going to get a lot of slack on that one from the blogosphere. I don’t think a boy hitting a girl is ever cool and while I'm sure she was simply supporting her son and empowering him to be strong, she said he should smack her back and that is totally not cool.

Mariah’s sister Lake asks what is going on with Quad and we hear Mariah’s side. Lake says Mariah “made her”, which is silly. She gave her opportunities surely, but she didn’t make her.  Mariah’s mom says Quad is jealous but I don’t think so. They were both thrust into the spotlight, found instant reality fame, and it has clearly taken a toll. They need to make up and gang up on Toya! Time will tell on this one but I’m keeping my fingers crossed the devil that is reality television has not destroyed their friendship forever because they are fabulous together.

Over to Dr. Simone’s house, her kids are getting big and are cute. Her husband is fantastic and I think we all fell in love with him last year. This is an awesome family.  She has a solo private practice and is dealing with a billing issue that has taken a toll on her time and finances. Simone is the woman I want to deliver my baby, live next door, and drink vodka with. She calls it like it is, is not afraid to speak her mind, and will listen when you speak yours.  She shows both the glamorous and challenging parts of being a doctor and I love her for it.

We are back with Quad who lets us know her husband has a flatulence problem. He is keen on having baby and she wants no part of it. They have only been married a year so I get wanting to wait, but he is pressuring. They are a funny couple. I like them. We head over to Toya. Ugh. She is a woman who married well. Bless her. Her husband is a doctor and she doesn't like to work, although she wants us to think she is. Whatever. Toya introduces Dr. Heavenly, who is also married to a doctor.

I think I won’t like her because she is a friend of Toya, which would imply she has no taste, but then she tells the camera Toya is dumb, so I kind of like her for calling her dumb “friend” stupid. Dr. Heavenly is having a party at her house and has invited the medical community of Atlanta, which includes all the ladies.  Dr. Heavenly wants to talk smack about the other women so they flash back to a week earlier when Toya was hosting a bowling event for charity. Kari was there, who cares, as were the rest of the girls, including Dr. Heavenly, and we see this woman has a lot of opinions.

At the event Ms. Georgia Plus, a plus sized pageant winner talks to Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Jackie. She says she is full figured and healthy, but Dr. Jackie is not buying it. Dr. Jackie apparently does not believe people bigger than her can be healthy, and does not mind being a bitch about it. Dr. Heavenly says Dr. Jackie has a God complex and thinks she is better than other people. I’m starting to like this dentist. She also points out Dr. Simone was dancing up on Toya’s husband and Toya lets us know she was not happy with it. I’m sure vodka fueled the dance.

It is party time and everyone is arriving at Dr. Heavenly’s home. She tells Dr. Simone she is happy to be subservient in her home and take care of her husband. Dr. Simone lets us know that even though Dr. Heavenly is in fact a doctor, she views her more as a doctor’s wife. Something is going down at this party. Heavenly calls her husband Daddy and Dr. Simone references Hustle and Flow where the hooker called her pimp Daddy. Dear Lord. It is on. Toya is there, with Kari, and they are avoiding Mariah, who looks fabulous. Quad has also arrived looking beautiful.

Quad fake hugs Mariah, who is clearly on edge and feeling shade from Quad. Dr. Jackie, Dr. Simone, and Dr. Heavenly are now talking. Jackie and Simone clearly don’t like her and think she is beneath them for a) being submissive and b) only being a dentist. I am laughing, and cringing, and totally loving this show.  Heavenly is talking about Jackie being rude to the larger lady at the bowling alley and saying she was offended by it. We see pictures of Heavenly when she was very heavy and she says she feels for the girl.  Personalities are clashing.

Jackie, Simone, and Heavenly go off to talk alone and Mariah joins. Jackie apologizes for offending and says she was simply sharing medical truth. Dr. Jackie and Dr. Heavenly talk calmly and respectfully. In the end and come to a meeting of the minds, but Heavenly threatens to have Simone escprted out. Simone gossips about it to Toya and Quad. What happened to Dr. Simone? Perhaps it is the stress of work, or the effects of fame, but she is different. Toya brings up Simone dancing on her husband but the episode is over and I'm stressed out.

Dr. Simone denies dancing on Toya’s husband and says Heavenly and Toya had it out for her.  We then see a trailer for the season and I am in shock. We learn Dr. Simone is having marital issues, there are more fistfights, wives lying to their husband’s, and friendships falling apart.  I love this show and it will be very upsetting to see if fame brings these women down. It is only season two and surprising to see it fall apart so quickly, but I suppose that can happen when you are actually keeping it real.