Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is Almost Done!

We are still in Puerto Rico, which is lame because one week was enough. We start with everyone meeting up except Lisa. Kyle is talking crap, Joyce is talking about things she knows nothing about, and Kim knows she needs to apologize to Ken but doesn’t want to. Mauricio is with Ahnold and I honestly could not care any less. These people are ridiculous, Yolanda is the instigator and she shouldn’t be.

Everyone says Lisa and Ken were childish to walk out of dinner. Yolanda conveniently went to the concierge and discovered they checked out and went home. These bitches are mean and not one of them feels bad they left. If I were one of these women I would be embarrassed. They stab each other in the back, and purposely hurt each other to get camera time. Why are we still watching this show?

Everyone goes out for dinner and it is pathetic. We see how fake and transparent these chicks are. We also learn Yolanda never graduated high school. God bless ladies who marry well. It feels like we are watching Beverly Hills 90210. High school antics of ladies who see themselves as more fabulous than they are. At what point does is type of fame worth the world thinking you are an idiot?

Everyone is back in LA and Brandi is at Yolanda’s for a visit with her parents. Yolanda gives them a tour of her fridge, then they sit down but Brandi says they need to leave. They go outside and she has a new car for her mom’s birthday. She did it at Yolanda’s so her dad would accept it, and he does, but it is a little odd and contrived. Brandi obviously loves her parents, but this is unnatural.

Jumping to Lisa, Carlton is visiting. Lisa is with Carlton because nobody will shoot wtih her. I feel bad for Lisa. No matter what she did or didn't do, ambushing her on the trip was gross and yes, it was an ambush. Lisa is a dramatic in how she recounts it, but I get it. Carlton says they behaved as they did because they are insecure and Lisa starts crying.  They are insecure about how much camera time they get.

We head to Kim’s house as she packs her daughter Kimberly for college. Sidebar: Kimberly’s dad is gorgeous! We watch them pack for five minutes, then watch Yolanda and get Gigi settled in her New York City apartment. Yolanda got Gigi an apartment so she can work, rather than let her have a full college experience in a dorm? Interesting choice. Yolanda is a snob and a rules with a hard hand, down to earth or not.

Kyle takes her two youngest daughters to get their ears pierced then its back to Kim moving Kimberly. For the love of God. It is all cute and sweet and we should be enjoying it, but we know there is ugliness just under the surface so it is hard to relax and see these woman as normal mothers when we know they are not normal. We see Taylor Armstrong and her daughter for a minute and I feel truly sad for that poor little girl.

Brandi calls Yolanda and tells her she has an ulcer from the drama in Puerto Rico. Interesting since she started it. Gigi is moving into huge rich kid apartment while Kimberly moves into a closet. There is a scene with Carlton and her kids. This chick is not interesting enough to return for another season. She came in weird, which is a shame because I think she was fun, but there is no going back.

When Yolanda kisses Gigi and tells her she misses her, even though she is right in front of her, I cried. When Kim says goodbye to Kimberly and Kimberly tells her to take care of herself, I cried harder. As I prepare to move my own son to college, my heart breaks watching their heart’s break. They are so emotional we can almost forget for a split second that they are fame whores and conniving backstabbing bitches. Almost.

Next week is the season finale and the ladies will all be at a party celebrating Beverly Hills. I’m surprised they were invited seeing as they embarrass this city each week. We will watch and have a million questions, which won’t be answered until the reunion. Or will they? These women are so skilled at being reality personalities that it may now be impossible for them able to actually know the truth, tell the truth, and keep it real.