The Immature Real Housewives of Atlanta

I am at the point where I only watch this show so I can understand what is said at the reunion. These are some seriously immature women behaving badly. These losers are embarrassing. Losers may seem like a harsh word, but I am not sure what else to use. They are successful, accomplished women behaving like idiots. Important to note many of them are not that successful or accomplished. Instead of using their 15 minutes of fame to inspire, they make us cringe.

Twitter was buzzing this week about the charity event Kenya held on last week’s show. Nene attended but her ego took center stage, and her ego was a bitch. She humiliated herself and the charity by behaving like a child. We ended last week with Nene getting into it with Peter about how she conducted herself. This is ridiculous because Peter is as classless as Nene. He was so offended by Nene’s selfishness that he walked out of the event offending them further.

We pick up with Nene being shook up by the whole thing. I need for Ms. Leakes to shut the hell up. She behaves like a fool and blames other people all the time. She blamed Kenya for ruining her pajama party, even though she did it on her own, and is holding a grudge against Kenya. Rather than talk to her like a grown up she decides to get back at her and ruin her event. The difference is Nene did not hurt Kenya, she hurt the charity she claims to love and support. Dumbass.

Cynthia feels responsible for telling Nene to go. Translation: Cynthia is thrilled her little plan for more camera time worked. Cynthia is a bore and she is struggling to keep herself relevant. Cynthia is talking about the situation with her sister, who is back on the show. Malory either needed some money or nobody likes Cynthia enough to shoot with her. I’m so bored. Cynthia is doing an event for her agency and planning a party for Peter. Who cares? Peter calls and she ignores it.

Cut to Kenya who is meeting her new friend Marlo for a drink. Translation: Marlo needs some cash and will shoot with anyone to get camera time. She is a fame whore, and allegedly a real whore if you believe what the other women have said about her in the past, but she is milking it so good for her I guess. Kenya talks crap about Nene, Nene talks crap about Kenya, Cynthia is excited to be in the middle of it, and I am pouring myself a stiff glass of vodka and juice, hold the juice.

Time for Peter’s party. Ugh. It’s all donated and a big commercial for whoever will give Cynthia stuff for free. This is gross. These people have no money so how are they paying for this? Bravo is paying. It is a Jamaican themed party and when the Jamaican band arrives, it is two old white guys. Cynthia is adorable in how she handles her obvious surprise. I thought it was quite cute. Candy arrives with some seriously hideous hair. Porsha arrives and Cynthia starts gossiping.

Marlo and Kenya arrive, then Nene. Sidebar: I wonder how much time and money was spent editing Phaedra out the show. She has been MIA since the news of Apollo’s arrest and it all smells a little funny. I feel for her and her children but I believe she is a part of the mess. Yikes. Marlo approaches Nene to ask what her beef with her is, Kenya says a quick hello, Nene pretends to not know who Kenya is, Porsha wants to talk about the drama at the charity event, and Cynthia needs a drink.

Marlo tells Nene about Kenya’s side of the story, then Kenya asks for a moment alone with Nene. Kenya says she is unclear what happened as she was simply trying to do something nice but Nene is having nothing to do with it.  Nene explains that Kenya did not handle it properly, and she is right. Kenya says Nene is being ridiculous, and she is right. Nene is getting too big for her britches. Kenya says she is sorry, they hug it out and I am laughing because we know they hate each other.

The ladies are now all together talking about Marlo’s boobs and Nene is pissed off that Marlo and Kenya are friends. Nobody can be friends with anyone else without Nene’s permission. Whatever. Cynthia gives a speech honoring Peter and he tells her to sing like “Marilyn Manrow”, Dumbass.  We jump to Nene who is visiting with Porsha. Sidebar: Nene is wearing her new hair, but was not at the party, which proves they are showing the footage out of order. We are too smart for Bravo.

Porsha is talking about acting with Nene. Hilarious. Nene is teaching Porsha her method and I am laughing my ass off. Nene says she is on one level and one day Porsha might get there too. Ugh. They talk about the charity event but we are bored and have moved on already so this is a waste of time. Nene throws Marlo under the bus and it is shady. There are no real friendships here and I wish they would just come clean. Cut to Kenya, she is being visited by Ms. Lawrence, who I think is gorgeous.

Kenya is planning a group trip to Mexico. Dear Lord. Sidebar: Kenya needs to pick one brand of make up and stick to it because her face is a different color in every scene. Kenya calls Cynthia and invites her on the couple’s trip to Mexico. Lame. Kenya invites Ms. Lawrence to be her date on the couple’s trip. He will be the highlight for sure. We finally see Phaedra and it is her and Apollo saying grace with their kids. Really? We are going to see her one time saying grace? Scripted.

Cynthia is having a “Bailey Bowl”, which is some fitness thing. Everyone is there, including Phaedra. Again, how in the hell can she afford this? This is so stupid. All the ladies have a team and Nene’s is made up of her bridesmaids, which Marlo was, but Marlo is on Kenya’s team. Kandi has a dream team and while I think this event is super fun, it is going to be ruined by one of these bitches. It is not fun watching a show when you know the ending at the beginning. I’m bored.

Marlo goes over to hang with Nene but she is pissed off. Nene then decides she will leave. Marlo is offended she was not invited to be on Nene’s team. Nene throws water on Marlo, starts cursing, then Marlo goes off telling Nene is immature. Nene is walking away, Marlo is chasing her down and once again they are acting like fools. Marlo tells Nene she has Donald Trump hair, classic. Marlo cries, Nene leaves, and the teaser for the rest of season implies they may start keeping it real.