The Delusional LeAnn Rimes

I think LeAnn Rimes is hilarious. I don’t make a point of following her career, mostly because she has no career, but I do see her antics on Twitter and she makes me laugh and laugh. Important to note that I don’t laugh because she is funny, I laugh at her because she is ridiculous. By ridiculous of course I mean sociopathic, mentally deranged, and disconnected from reality.

Those issues are not funny of course, but that she makes a point of publicly humiliating herself is what is funny. She seems to be unaware that the vast majority of people are laughing at her. When you consider that 99% of her Twitter followers are fake, paid for, and her own multiple accounts, it makes sense I guess, but still, you have to feel a bit sorry for the poor girl. Just kidding. I don’t feel sorry for her.

I think she is a lunatic. She reads every one of my tweets, every one of my blogs, and monitors me quite closely. It’s kind of cute. Hi LeAnn! Thanks for reading. The best thing is that when I write about her, she immediately tweets that does not read my blogs, then quotes the blog she is apparently not reading. Bless her special but tiny heart.

LeAnn Rimes is not very bright. I’m not sure what her education is but I’m guessing she sailed through 7th grade, which was perhaps the last one she completed. She’s quite active on Twitter, sharing her hypochondria and how she is constantly hurting herself. She fakes a lot of things. Not orgasms I assume since I don't thnk she has sex.

How can her husband possibly have time to do her when he is so busy sleeping with others? Plus, there is that whole unfortunate face thing. Bless her. At any rate, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, I just wanted to point out two things Ms. Rimes did on Twitter this weekend that I find to be rather disgusting. She continues to outdo herself so it should be mentioned.

She canceled a show this week because of a missed flight, which she said was due to weather. She could have made it if she really wanted to. The disgusting thing was that when a fan tweeted to say they were disappointed to not have gotten notice of the cancellation, she responded by said she got no notice from her airline. No apology.

This person was kind, asking why there wasn’t notice given and LeAnn lashed out. She is seemingly unaware of how mean she is. For someone with so few fans, and who’s tickets are 2 for 1, you’d think she’d be grateful for those willing to see her, but she’s not. She has no appreciation for the fans she actually has.

I’m not sure someone buying a ticket for $10 constitutes a fan, and I know many people go to her concerts to simply watch the train wreck, but her being rude is ignorant. Her other Twitter moment of ignorance came when she tweeted she gave $20, leftovers, and some roses to a homeless man in a NYC snow storm. This chick is a moron.

I’m not sure what a homeless man struggling to stay warm needs roses for. Why not buy him a hot meal instead of giving him your picked apart leftovers? Buy him a blanket?  Get him dry socks or a new pair of shoes? I can think of a million things a homeless man needs more than someone else’s food and flowers. She makes me angry.

She makes me angry when she writes about kids that are not hers. She makes me angry when she is disrespectful to people who care about her. She makes me angry when she talks about how happy she is when we know that is impossible. She makes me angry when she has her lawyer call to threaten my freedom of speech. She makes me angry.

One could say there is no need for me to write about her and I would argue she is a celebrity and it is part of the deal to have people write about you. One could argue she is not really a celebrity and I would agree. I write about her because she asks for it, and you read because you are curious about why anyone cares about this pathetic woman.

LeAnn Rimes was famous a long time ago for being a good singer. She is famous now for being a stupid, spiteful, idiotic, whore. Things change and fame lingers. I will be watching her new “reality” show and blogging about it. I will mock her for as long as she asks me to. Sometimes I write about her for no reason other than her own inability to keep it real.