Womanhood 101: Meetings. Crying. Coughing. Period.

I had a meeting on Tuesday that did not go well. I was coming down with what would turn out to be a bronchial infection, and was feeling a little off. I was meeting with one person, when another person joined in our conversation. I have spoken to this person before and we can’t seem to get on the same page. We do not understand each other and it always ends in frustration and hurt feelings. This exchange was no exception.

I left the meeting. By left, of course I mean I got up in the middle of the meeting and walked out. I was done and opted to leave, which was silly and immature, but quite satisfying. I went to my boss to tell him about the disastrous meeting and then I cried. I am a 47 year old professional woman and I cried to my boss like a child. It was mortifying. I was not feeling well , could not stop crying, and so the humiliation continued.

I cried to him about work, which is embarrassing. He is a mensch and a professional so he said nothing about my breakdown, just listened and assured me everything would be okay. I am sure he thought I was a lunatic, but never let on. That is when the coughing started. I was now crying, coughing, and truly humiliating myself in front of people I work with. Dear Lord. There are some days we are better off staying home.

I drove home in tears, not sure why I was crying. My son came home and I cried again. My mother called and I cried. I spent the rest of the day coughing and crying. Then I got my period. There you go. No good can come of going to an important meeting when coughing, crying, and getting your period. It was a perfect storm of womanhood. Men don’t have to worry about the same things women do, which is not fair.

The co-worker I got into it with is a man and I am sure he thinks I am a bitch. Here’s the thing though, I’m not a bitch. I can be bitchy of course, but I am a really nice person and I never should have done that meeting on that day. No good can come of a woman who is sick and about to get her period. We are certainly the stronger sex in terms of what we are able to do while sick, but emotions can catch up with us.

We are judged by men for being emotional, but can they judge us when they have no idea what we go through? What was Mother Nature thinking when she gave women a period? The only thing that makes sense is she cursed us while she herself was on her period. Poor girl. Had she been thinking she would have cursed men with this torment, not her sisters. Damn her. In the end she is just a girl and made a bad decision while on her period, so I can't really blame her.

That night I cried, sent a text I regret, drank some robitussin, and went to bed praying every man in the world would get a period, some twice, I need to keep better tabs on my period and schedule meetings around it. No good can come of a woman crying at work. Next time I will stay home, cry alone, drink wine instead of cough syrup, and hide my phone so I can’t text. I am now quite sick, have cramps, am laughing at how ridiculous I was, and keeping the faith.