Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren, Brian Dennehy & a Perfect Cookie

If Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren had a baby, it would be my friend Pam. She is a perfect mixture of these two icons with a smidge of Sharon Osbourne thrown in for a little flavor. Everything she does is beautiful. From folding a napkin, to a delicious dinner, to the perfect cookie, she is very talented. She is my fancy friend and I love her.

Her home looks like a Ralph Lauren showroom and her kitchen looks like Martha Stewart came by to set it up for her. From the organization and labeling of the pantry, to the color coordinated appliances, she is so organized that it makes my painfully organized home look sloppy. I am truly organized in an insane way, but she has me beat.

The other day her son, who I don’t mind telling you I have a crush on, asked me to appear in his student film. I was to play a woman loosely based on his mom. Well, he didn’t have to ask twice. I was happy to help him because he is a wonderful kid, but I was excited because we would be shooting at Pam’s house and that is special.

Pam has a catering company called “No Drama Events”. She is a brilliant cook and a truly amazing baker. She makes cookies with any image you want on them and beyond looking great, they are seriously good cookies. Sometimes a beautiful cookie doesn’t taste as good as it looks, but Pam’s cookies are seriously melt in your mouth fabulous.

Important to note that I live over an hour away from Pam but was willing to schlep to help out her terrific son. Plus, I knew I was going to get hooked up with Pam’s kickass cookies. Cut to filming day, you can imagine my surprise to arrive and have Pam not home. Not only was she not home, but the house didn’t smell like fresh baked cookies. Oh no she didn’t.

Turns out Pam went to get her nails done. Now, I am all about my nails so I get it, but when she got home she did not run to the kitchen to start baking. She just hung out visiting. Really? This would never happen at Martha Stewarts house. I filmed the movie, over two days, and never got one cookie. Again, happy to help out my young boyfriend, but not cool.

I’m not much of a cookie person actually. Sweets aren’t really my thing, but when you are invited over to Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren’s house, there are certain expectations. One of them is a cookie with your picture on it, wrapped in a box with matching ribbons. Perhaps champagne on ice? Or a cabana boy to feed me grapes and fan me for comfort?

The movie went great and while I’m not an actress, the young and talented director told me I was wonderful and worthy of an Oscar. Bless him. I won’t mention his name as he is only 14 years old and people are crazy, but years from now when he wins an Academy Award I will have the film we made together to look back on and sell stories about to the tabloids.

Cut to last week when I attended an event featuring legendary actor Brian Dennehy. I have been a fan of Mr. Dennehy for many years. He is talented beyond compare and truly one of America’s greatest actors. He has been in countless television and film projects, but to see him perform live theater is truly an awe-inspiring experience that is truly unforgettable.

Watching the Golden Globe, Olivier, and Tony Award winning actor perform scenes from Death of a Salesman, Long Day’s Journey into Night, King Lear and the Dresser was mesmerizing. I could not take my eyes off of him and was transported into the scene. He was funny, smart, charming, handsome, and moving. It was an honor to see and meet Mr. Dennehy.

Pam catered the event and when I arrived you can imagine how impressed I was to see cookies with Brian Dennehy’s face on them. How lovely of her. By lovely of course I mean where the hell were my cookies? He may have countless awards and accolades for his acting, but I was in her son’s film and while not award worthy, I did my best for the young man.

I went to the event early to help Pam set up and be a support to my friend Elizabeth, Brian’s daughter and a brilliant actress who performed with her dad. We had a glass of wine and then it happened. I was presented with my own box of cookies with my face on them. Finally. I was truly thrilled to get my cookies and forgave her for making me wait so long.

The cookies were delicious and while I am not sure where the hell she found the hideous picture, my son and me thoroughly enjoyed biting my head off and enjoying the cookies with a cup of tea. I felt very fancy to have received a box of Pam’s specialty and can highly recommend these cookies to all of my readers. They really are beautiful and tasty treats.

If you are in Los Angeles and have a special occasion that requires great food, call my friend Pam at No Drama Events. If you just want to order cookies, call my girl and she will ship them to you fresh from the oven. You can reach Pam at 310-480-7632.  I wish my young friend well with his movie. As for my calling the tabloids, he should keep the faith.