LeAnn Rimes – 2013’s Queen of Crazy

As someone who writes about pop culture, celebrity, and reality TV, I come across a lot of crazy. Famous people, whether known for their talent or lack of talent, can be quite unbalanced. Especially people who were once talented, and have replaced that talent with desperation. It really is fascinating to watch, and a blast to write about, because crazy is entertaining. Most of the time.

As the year comes to an end I felt the need to write about LeAnn one last time for 2013 and announce that she is, in my opinion, the Queen of Crazy. Mazel Tov Ms. Rimes! In a world of celebrity nuts, where Charlie Sheen has long ruled, this title is hard earned and special. It’s not enough to just be crazy, you also need to be a bit sociopathic.

LeAnn is not a fan of mine. Bless her. I am used to hearing from her attorney and publicist demanding I stop writing about her. Having not written about her for a while, she has directed her attention to gossip site www.celebdirtylaundry.com. I’m not super familiar with CDL but I read the LeAnn stuff and it is really good. Finally someone else is calling her out. Bravo to this site for being honest and not afraid to take her crap because she is going after them.

A lot of celebrity news shows and sites like to kiss LeAnn’s ass, and one could assume there is money exchanging hands because for a woman so vile and disgusting to get such good press is truly mindboggling. You cannot follow this woman’s antics and not see that not only is her voice shot to hell, but she is mentally unstable. Just my opinion since I’m not a doctor.

This week LeAnn tweeted that she had a stomach bug, and in the same sentence mentioned her best friend’s mom was dying. Apparently having a hangover trumps the loss of someone’s mom. Hard to know if she is insensitive or just really stupid, so my guess would have to be a little bit of both. By little bit of course I mean this chick is boatloads of crazy.

She has done so much crap this year it is impossible to list it all. From talking about where her husband’s kids go to school on Twitter, to disrespecting Patsy Cline by saying she thought of sex while paying tribute to her, this chick has no clear idea of what is appropriate. She refers to ther stepchildren as hers and goes out of her way to hurt their mother.

Part of her being crowned Queen of Crazy lies with Twitter. From her stalking of her husband's true love, to her attacks on me, she is dangerous. She reaches out to people who attack and the moment hate is directed at me for writing the truth about her, she sends love and peace to those people. She is painfully transparent and in the end her antics will catch up with her.

LeAnn Rimes has made every list of most hated celebrities, but sadly the person who hates LeAnn the most, is LeAnn. She cannot stand herself, which is why she spends so much time and money trying to become her husband's first wife . This girl is so dumb you almost have to feel sorry for her. Pretending to be happy when you are mentally deranged must be exhausting.

For a woman who speaks so often about how much her husband, mom, dad, in-laws, and friends love her, it is intersting that nobody is willing to step up and help her. We don't know what goes on in private of course, and perhaps they have tried, but it would appear her wallet is more important than her well being, and so people stay quiet. Does anyone really love her? 

I’m looking forward to the new year and am sure LeAnn’s attempts to get me fired, and paying her minions to publicly humiliate me will continue. I’m flattered I guess that when she is in the bathroom with her nonstop hypochondria, she reads my blogs. That only makes sense if I am able to suspend logic and believe this idiotic moron can actually read.

LeAnn Rimes is a good singer, who used to be a great singer. All the straining of the laxative effects and constant vomiting from the “stomach flu” have changed her voice.  I suppose since she slept with a married man and stole his family she is now living a hell that she created for herself. She has nobody to blame but herself for how everyone feels about her.

Important to note that no woman would wish that pain on another, but at the same time, as women we embrace the beauty of karma and nobody will be surprised, ever, by anything that happens around this woman. It is my honor to crown Ms. LeAnn Rimes 2013’s Queen of Crazy. With another 6 days in the year, I’m guessing she will secure the title and never keep it real.