Mob Wives Recap: Violence is the Answer

We start off this week in Philadelphia with Renee who has brought her fashion line to Alicia’s boutique so she can sell them. The boutique is cute in a strip mall kind of way and Renee’s shoes remind me of the episode of Sex and the City where the friend designed handbags after a break up and used a bed spread, plastic fruit, and a glue gun to create masterpieces. God bless Renee for working so hard, but no.

In some scenes I think Alicia looks like Catherine Zeta Jones. Very pretty girl. Her husband is in federal custody as he awaits sentencing. Listening to her recount the say the Feds came to arrest them is fascinating. It sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie, not real life. I think these women are brave and regardless of how one views their lifestyle, or what the men in their lives do, they are mothers whose hearts breaks the same as ours.

Cut to Big Ang and Drita who are getting massages and pedicures. They are concerned about Natalie, the new girl who is the “face” of Renee’s clothing and shoe line. I love me some Big Ang and would like to be friends with Drita if I weren’t so scared of her. Natalie is apparently a big drinker and they worry about her being around Renee who is sober. I love their accents and their vocabulary. I really do like these very interesting women.

Drita has a stalker and she is ready to kick his ass. He sounds scary to me, but Drita is not scared of anything. I love her. Renee sends a message inviting Big Ang and Drita to have lunch with her and Natalie. Big Ang does not want to go because Natalie is trouble. Over to Natalie, she is out for dinner with her boyfriend London.  He is cute. She is pissed off at Drita for talking about her behind of her back instead of to her face. 

Natalie is ready to fight with Drita. Big Mistake. Sidebar: I had no idea Philly and Staten Island were so close that these chicks could hang out. Alicia and Drita are out walking together. Alicia is heartbroken that she did not know about her husband’s double life. It is sad. Alicia is turning to Drita for advice and I feel sad for her. Organized crime or not, betrayal of any kind is crushing to a woman and hard to forgive.

We are at Drita’s store and learn the stalker has been by again. I love when Drita talks about knocking someone around. She is fabulous. Drita calls Lee and it is as if she has Tony Soprano on the phone. Drita wants the stalker to feel the same fear as her workers do and she knows “violence is not the answer, but it is.” You can’t make up this stuff. In a sea of scripted reality television these chicks are authentic in a way no others are.

Time for Drita to have lunch with Natalie and Renee. Big Ang does not go. Natalie is pissed about Drita talking about her and ready to go. Renee is surprised by how pissed Natalie is, but also entertained by the fact Natalie has no idea who she is dealing with when it comes to Drita. Natalie is very aggressive and Drita wants to F her up. Natalie is in over her head I think. That said, I am now also scared of Natalie. Maybe I shouldn’t blog this.

Back to Alicia, she is listening to hours of taped phone conversations of her and her husband by the Feds. We meet her brother Anthony who seems lovely, until we hear that he went to strip clubs with her husband. I hate to say again, because it is my only source of reference, this is like watching the Sopranos, only real. I feel sad for Alicia and in the end I am now scared of her too. I might not be able to blog this show anymore. I’m freaked out.

Renee and Drita are with Big Ang talking about the lunch with Natalie and all the talking behind her back. Big Ang tells Renee Natalie is a troublemaker and she is fed up with her already. Renee asks the ladies to be nice and give her a chance, but is also going to warn Natalie to behave herself. Natalie was clearly added to stir the pot, which is great, but she is not that likeable so it may backfire. She needs to be put in her place as a newbie.

Renee has gone to see Natalie in Philly to teach her a few things. Natalie says she does not want anyone to pass judgment on her without knowing her first. Well maybe reality TV is not the way to go then. Renee is taking the Momma Bear position and trying to help the young girl along but her ego is getting in the way of her listening. Renee is nipping it all in the bud and telling Natalie to come to the table clean and start over with the girls.

Alicia is visiting with Natalie at her work, the funeral parlor. In listening to the wiretaps, Alicia learns that her husband Eddie is friends with Renee’s friend Carla Marino, even though he promised he would end the friendship. Alicia is spinning out of control as she learns that everything she thought about her life is not true. Alicia is going to confront Renee about it. Big mistake. Don’t ask questions you are not prepared to hear the answer to.

Jumping back to Drita’s store, she is installing a security system because of her stalker.  As she is talking to the security guy, the stalker shows up. Drita lets him know she is not pleased, and he runs away. Quite funny really. Back with Alicia, she is asking Renee about Carla and her having lunch with Eddie. No good can come of this. Alicia is asking Renee why she didn’t tell her and Renee is not having it. She is not ratting out anyone.

I find this show to be fascinating, but at the same time I feel like I shouldn’t be watching it. It feels dangerous, intimidating, and forbidden. Blogging this show actually makes me a little uncomfortable. I am not sure I will keep blogging Mob Wives, but I am certain I'll keep watching. These women are giving us good TV and when it comes to reality, this may the only show that is telling the truth, burning the scripts, and keeping it real.