Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

I watched the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last night and I sat in awe of the true beauty. Not only the women, but the outfits, the wings, the artistry. They do interviews with the models and you want so much to not like them, but the truth is they are lovely girls. I found them to be funny, sweet, charming, beautiful, and interesting. We can try to hate them for being so stunning, but in the end you can’t. They are great women.

To clarify, when the woman with the impossible to comprehend body said she had kids, I did say “are you f**king kidding me” out loud. It is a little offensive that kids came out of that body. I still need to lose weight I gained when pregnant, and my son is about to turn 18. Bitch. I would like to live in one of those bodies for week. I would spend a lot of time naked, look at myself in the mirror, and walk around so people could stare at me. It is hard to believe these are real bodies. They are perfection.

Fall Out Boy sounded amazing and I loved Pete’s skirt. A Great Big World sang Say Something, which is a beautiful song, and Taylor Swift did a couple of numbers. Taylor is beautiful and she fit right in with the angels, but when she sang Trouble and walked up and down the runway with the angels it looked a little silly and she kept getting in the way. Taylor is great but if she wanted to walk with the girls she should have taken her dress off.

I love Victoria’s Secret. Love their clothes, lingerie, and angels. While proud beyond measure to be Ilana Angel of the Angel family, I wouldn’t mind looking like one of Victoria’s angels. There is always controversy about this show and how it depicts women, but there is nothing wrong here. This is a beautiful thing, and I watch because I like beautiful things. My son hopes to one day marry one of Victoria's angels, so for him I will keep the faith.