Real Housewives of Atlanta, Shoes Are Coming Off!

We start this week at Kandi’s house as she looks through wedding books with her friend/assistant Carmon, who is he woman Momma Joyce thinks Todd is sleeping with. Kandi doesn’t look good in the episode, but in the interview she looks stunning. Carmon is mad Momma Joyce is talking crap about her. I’m not sure what I think about Carmon, but I think Todd is a sweet man. He is pushing Kandi to stand up to her mom more.

Kandi is clearly a little scared and intimidated by her mom, which is sad to watch. Cut to Nene, she is visiting with her friends Chuck and Mynique. I love that Nene is so tall and still wears heels. I love Nene but she is dialing it in this season. Without her shows to talk about and rub in everyone’s faces, she is quiet. She makes a point of telling us Chuck slept with Kandi and was serviced by Phaedra in high school. 

Nene says Phaedra had a reputation in high school of giving oral sex and while it was funny, not particularly nice. Not sure why Nene is mad at Phaedra, but something is not kosher for her to say such a thing. Over to Phaedra, Apollo tells her he is sorry. Again. Phaedra has been horrible to him but today I am getting it. She looks sad and embarrassed and I feel for her. They kiss and make up and I find myself very happy for them.

We head to The Kandi Factory where everyone is joining in for an exercise class. This scripted crap bothers me. I get pissed off when Bravo treats us like we are dumb. This is fake, we know it, move on. Nene, Kenya, Cynthia and Phaedra join the party along with some assorted friends. Porsha is not there and we learn she is in the hospital because she fainted. They call to check in and the fake concern is laughable. These women are actresses.

Nene suggests a girl’s weekend in Savannah. Everyone agrees to go, even though their last group trip did not go well. Time for class where everyone is dressed in workout clothes except for Cynthia, who is dressed for a disco. She looks cute, but ridiculous. Kenya makes fun of Phaedra’s body but I think she looks great. Kenya is a whack job and as she does her GWTW fabulous spin, I wonder what kind of music plays in her head.

We are now with Cynthia’s daughter Noelle and Noelle's father Leon. They are talking about her boyfriend and sex and I just can’t. I am mortified for this little girl, disgusted that Cynthia would use her daughter for a storyline, and am not going to comment on it other than to say if this is all Cynthia has to talk about then she needs to go. She is lovely, but boring as can be and it is time for her to walk away. By walk away of course I mean get kicked out.

Cut to Porsha, she is in the drug store with her sister talking about her fainting spell. This lovely and harmless young woman is incredibly dumb. Bless her. I’m kind of over her and unless she starts giving us something soon I will check out on her. She agrees to go on the Savannah trip. Porsha is very beautiful and I feel for her heartache but the blood pressure, death, funeral thing is just too much stupid for me to handle. Seriously.

Time for Kenya to go on a walk with her Aunt Laurie. Kenya wears the ugliest lipstick colors and I don’t think she washes her hair. She is talking about having babies with her African Prince. Dear Lord. I get emails from Africa all the time asking for my banking info as I have been named in the will of someone, and I wonder if the guy who writes me is Kenya’s new man. Maybe she got the same email and actually wrote him back? She’s that dumb.

Kenya tells us she has some infertility issues and needs to focus on a baby because she does not want to force a relationship too fast. She doesn’t want another Walter situation. I personally don’t think there is an African Prince at all. Kenya talks of her mother abandoning her and she cries a classic Kenya cry. I feel for her and cannot imagine what the rejection from her mother feels like. Poor girl. She is all kind of messy and crazy.

We finish up this week with Kandi, who is trying on wedding dresses with Carmon, her mother, and other assorted friends and family. Carmon is waiting for a fight and Momma Joyce is ready to give her one. Joyce is not there for one minute before she starts dumping all over Todd. Carmon tells her it is terrible for her to say such a thing, Joyce says Carom is banging Todd, and it is on. Kandi walks out in a wedding dress as the fight breaks out.

There is a women’s prison vibe to the fight and it is embarrassing. Momma Joyce is aggitated and so worried she will not get all of Kandi’s money she has done lost her mind. These women are sucking the joy out of a special day for Kandi and it is heartbreaking. Joyce is cussing, taking off her shoes to throw at Carmon, and Kandi is the warden of bridal prison. I am uncomfortable watching this tension and feel sorry for Kandi.

At the same time I am pissed at Kandi that she is unwilling and unable to stand up to her mother. She is a grown woman, a mother herself, and she is allowing her mother to disrespect not only Todd, but her. Momma Joyce is treating her daughter like an ATM and Kandi needs to give her a kick in the ass. I had a few more things to say but as I’m writing this I am watching WWHL and Kandi is crying about her mom and my heart aches for her.

Kandi told Andy that her mother has taken care of her for her entire life and now she is going to take care of her mom. She said she does not care what people say or think because at the end of the day that is her Momma and whether they are talking or not does not matter because she loves her. It was touching and kind and I have nothing but respect for Kandi. She is a lovely girl, I wish her the best ,and know she is keeping it real.