100 Days of Summer & Courtney Loves Dallas Recaps

Bravo premiered two new reality shows this week. Neither one is worth blogging, and only one is worth watching. By worth watching of course I mean watching it will be an opportunity to laugh at strangers while being grateful you are not a fame whoring douchebag. 100 Days of Summer is set in Chicago and follows around a group of educated and working people who in the end are an older and better put together bunch of Vanderpump Rules skanks.

They tried to do this show is Dallas and the only one to survive that crap fest was Courtney, but we’ll come back to her in a minute. In Chicago we have Jay, the successful gay man looking for love. Pascale is the pretty girl who is going to bang your boyfriend. Vince is the man whore who bangs everyone, Phillips is the dingbat who doesn’t get why people think she is dumb, Ray is the ex-football player, and Tara is the super desperate bridesmaid.

I love Chicago so it is fun to see a show set in there. Shame about the cast, but I’m in for now. Vince is a club promoter who likes to date chicks with anorexia. He is not as handsome as he thinks. He has a girlfriend who is unclear that he is a douche. He does however have the best dog ever, Dude. Jay is a good looking guy who is ready for love and looking into having a child on his own and takes his mom to his surrogate meeting. So cute.

Pascale is in Chicago to work on her jewelry line, God help up. Another line to be whored out on our televisions. She is an evil bitch. Phillips has a line of dog clothing and we are reminded, again, these people are here to make bank. She has huge boobs and loves them. Ugh. Tara is a vet, from a rich family, with a sick body. She is desperate and it is uncomfortable to watch. Ray is trying to be an actor and model. He has a girlfriend. For now.

This was just a preview with the real premier happening on January 7th. I will watch because I think it will be fun, but I am not blogging because I just cannot pay enough attention. I might change my mind of course and be forced to write about how these people are humiliating themselves, but for now I will just watch. I can’t tell if these people are actually friends or were put together in a casting call for fame whores. Time will tell.

Cut to the next new show, Courtney Loves Dallas. For the love of God why does this woman have her own show? She is beyond annoying and her voice alone is enough to make me impale myself. She is a fashion blogger and I am 15 minutes in and she has said nothing interesting. She tries to be funny, but is not. Tries to be cool about being single, but is not. She has nothing in common with her friends and this show is not worth our time.

I cannot watch this show. I cannot even get through the first episode. I just can’t. She talks too fast, about nothing, and I am bored. By bored of course I mean this show should never have been made. Courtney Loves Dallas is not worth watching and 100 Days of Summer is worth watching, but I’m predicting I will make it though two episodes before I walk away. I love Bravo but they are giving us garbage and not keeping it real.