Mob Wives New Blood Recap

Mob Wives is back and all you need to watch is the first minute to be hooked. The opening graphics are of wine glasses colliding and exploding and that is the perfect introduction to this season. Carla and Karen are gone, Big Ang is now a featured player, along with Renee and Drita and two new girls Alicia and Natalie. These women are fascinating, funny, and let’s be clear, scary as hell. I am intimidated by them and at the same time inspired by the size of their balls. I’m glad they’re back and happy to blog.

The season starts with Renee who is living with her son AJ and working on her shoe and clothing line. She looks great, is still sober, and her ex is still in prison for ratting out her dad.  Cut to Big Ang, she is simply great television. Not sure what new work she has had done, but it is time to stop. I freaking love her. Over to Drita, her husband is out of prison and they are back together. I am glad she took him back. It is good for her kids. These three are the original girls coming back for another season.

They are off to Philadelphia for a 1920’s themed costume party of a girl named Alicia, who is a friend of Renee, and who’s husband has been pinched by the Feds and is awaiting sentencing. How great is it I can write pinched by the Feds and have it be about real life not a movie? I love this show. Big Ang shares there is a lot of bad blood between Karen and Alicia’s families. Juicy. Alicia’s husband is in prison with Renee’s dad, and Alicia pled guilty to her own charges and is awaiting her sentencing.

Ang, Drita, and Renee are together chatting about life and Ang says her husband wants to have a baby. She is 53, but her husband is only 40, and he wants a child so she is considering it. Oy vey. Renee is doing a casting call to find a model to be the face of her Mob Candy line. Her casting call is hilarious. These chicks are models? Alicia suggests her friend Natalie, and there you have our other new girl. Brilliant job of tying it all together. Alicia calls Natalie a mini Renee so no good can come of that.

Drita calls Lee and tells him their daughter is being bullied at school. He wants to break some legs and I’m in. Nobody messes with my kid. Sidebar: the soundtrack on this show is the best. Alicia is in NYC visiting her husband so she stops by to see the ladies. Alicia says she does not know anything about her husband’s mob life and was in the dark on all of his activities. Alicia then drops the bomb that her husband’s father was murdered by Karen’s dad Sammy the Bull. Oh. My. God. I just can’t.

This show is crazy. Alicia says Karen’s dad is a serial killer, having allegedly called for 19 people to be murdered. Alicia hates Karen, the girls are friends with Karen, and no good can come of this. Back to Renee, she is doing her photo shoot with Natalie, whose family owns a funeral home. Alicia tells Renee she is disgusted with Karen, but Renee sticks by Karen. Everyone has now stuck by Karen and Alicia’s attempts to stir crap up is not working. Natalie is interesting but she’s going to cause problems.

Time for lunch with Drita, Big Ang, and Natalie.  Natalie gets drunk, is a bit kooky, and Big Ang is looking at her like she’s a nut job and it is perfect. Big Ang and Drita are not fans, not impressed, and lunch it over as soon as Natalie starts eating off the plate of Big Ang. This chick is going to be messy and that is good TV. Drita and Big Ang are nervous for Renee that Crazy is the face for her brand. Speaking of which, it is time for the big Mob Candy launch. I hope it goes well for Renee.

The fashion show is interesting. Some of the shoes are gorgeous, but I didn’t really get the clothes.  Alicia has problems with a woman named Carla who used to date her husband Eddie. Alicia is going to get old real fast if she is going to complain about everyone on Staten Island.  Natalie trips on her way off the runway, and everyone is on her for being a mess. These chicks are harsh.  I am reinvested in this show. Mob Wives are scary but when it comes to reality TV they are keeping it real.